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Journal Reading (Environmental Theory)

Nightingale in Scutari: Her Legacy Reexamined
Christopher J. Gill and Gillian C. Gill

Nearly a century after the death of Florence Nightingale (1820–1910), historians continue to debate her legacy. We discuss her seminal work during the Crimean War (1854–1856), the nature of these interventions during the war, and her continued impact today. We argue that Florence Nightingale’s influence today extends beyond her undeniable impact on the field of modern nursing to the areas of infection control, hospital epidemiology, and hospice care.

Florence Nightingale (1820–1910) was a heroine to the British soldiers she cared for during the Crimean War (1854–1856) and a gadfly on the rumps of British parliamentarians who led Britain into that pointless conflict but left its troops poorly supported and needlessly vulnerable to disease. Medical men in her day and historians ever since have tended to dismiss the importance of Nightingale’s legacy [1–3]. Yet a careful study of Nightingale’s work during and after the Crimean War shows that she was rightly hailed as a legend during her lifetime; played a key role in the areas of public health policy, medical statistics, hospital design and management, and patient care; and deserves a lasting place in the pantheon of medical pioneers [4].


To understand the significance of Florence Nightingale’s work, one needs to grasp the miserable conditions in the Crimean war zone and at the hospitals at the British Army’s base at Scutari. Mortality rates in the armies that participated in the Crimean War were horrific: ∼1 in 5 men sent to Crimea died there. Notably, infections killed far more soldiers than did bullets, saber thrusts, or shells. In contrast, the US Army’s crude mortality rate in Vietnam was 2.6% [6].

In fairness, the British field surgeons did a credible job of treating war wounds through amputation and debridement [8]. Their patients were typically young and healthy before their injuries, and if infection could be avoided through prompt trauma management, the soldier had a reasonable chance of survival. Unfortunately, the surgeons could do little to treat the myriad causes of fever, human-made and otherwise, present in their environment. The Crimean War occurred 20 years before Pasteur and Koch promulgated the germ theory and a full century before the first antibiotics were created, and with the singular exception of quinine therapy for malaria, doctors had few remedies to manage infectious diseases. Thus, soldiers described as having medical illnesses were packed onto transport ships in shockingly squalid conditions and were ferried across the Black Sea to Scutari, a trip many did not survive. Records from the transport ship Shooting Star document that 47 of 130 patients died during one 13-day transit from Balaklava to Scutari [9]. In a real sense, the Scutari hospitals served more as so-called fever wards than true military hospitals and existed largely to segregate patients with fever from their healthy compatriots. Soldiers were not sent to Scutari to be healed so much as to die.

Doctors of the day recognized several variations of fever, including typhoid, relapsing fever, and the intermittent quotidian, quartan, and tertian fevers of malaria. During the war, some fevers acquired the appellations “Crimean Fever” or “Varna fever,” which was named after the Bulgarian coastal town where the British Army was first based. But such distinctions were rarely applied in Scutari. Most patients received a diagnosis of febris continua communis, also known as “low fever,” a wastebasket diagnosis used primarily to distinguish
this fever from the “high fever” associated with typhus [8]. The extreme crowding on the wards was ideal for spreading typhus, typhoid, dysentery, and respiratory infections; one account noted that beds were spaced 0.5 m apart (figure 2A) [8]. As Sarah Terrot, one of Nightingale’s nurses, recounted, “one poor fellow neglected by the orderlies because he was dying…was very dirty, covered with wounds, and devoured by lice. I pointed this out to the orderlies, whose only excuse was, ‘It’s not worthwhile to clean him: he’s not long for this world.’ The men in bed on each side of him told me his state was such that lice swarmed from him to them” [10].

Intestinal infections were rampant and devastating. Whereas only 29% of patients at Scutari were admitted for treatment of bowel disease or fever, dysentery contributed to nearly 50% of deaths [8]. At least 3 outbreaks of cholera occurred during the war: between April and September 1855, a total of 2368 patientswith cholera were admitted to one of the Scutari hospitals, of whom 1423 (60%) died [9]. For these patients, tincture of opium was the best treatment medical science had to offer. As described by one British surgeon, “I might sum up my account by saying that everything was tried and that nothing succeeded. At least I can say that I never cured a case, and I never saw a case cured” [11]. Remarkably, even those patients admittedwith conditions described as rheumatic had mortality rates as high as 10% [8]. The changing seasons merely shifted the spectrum of diseases seen in Scutari: summer brought malaria and cholera; in the winter, more patients succumbed to gangrene after frostbite (also known as “gelatio”).

Horrible as this situation may have been, it was far from unique in the history of warfare. What was unusual was the degree to which news of the squalor in which the British troops died at Balaklava and at Scutari was documented by London Times correspondents (by telegraph!), making this the first war in which the army medical corps was flatly accused of negligence. These reports scandalized the nation and nearly toppledLord Aberdeen’s government in Parliament—particularlywhen it became known that the French army was doing a far better job of supplying and caring for its troops than was the British army. It was in this environment and under considerable public and political pressure that Minister at War Sidney Herbert, on the basis of his appraisement of her managerial skills and experience, wrote an impassioned appeal to Florence Nightingale, asking her to lead a team of nurses to Crimea. Ironically,Nightingale had already written her parliamentary allies proposing precisely the same thing. And so it was that, early in November 1854, Nightingale found herself and her 38 nurses in Turkey, gazing at the massive walls of Barracks Hospital (Scutari). Famously, she is quoted as saying that “the strongest will be wanted at the wash tub.”


A, Popularized illustration, first printed in the Illustrated London News in 1855, of Florence Nightingale touring the wards of Barracks Hospital (copyright held and used with permission by the Florence Nightingale Museum [London, United Kingdom]). B, Photograph of the actual paper concertina lantern made for and used by Nightingale in 1855 (used with the courtesy of the Director of the National Army Museum [London]). The popular depictions of Nightingale with an open flame lantern reflect the near absence of accurate portraits and the complete absence of photographs of her during the period of the Crimean War.

Florence Nightingale’s time in Scutari enabled her to prove a point. Her experiences working on English fever wards and while volunteering as a nurse at the Middlesex Hospital in London during the Cholera outbreak of 1854 had convinced her that the so-called heroic medicine of the day, which was based on infusions of arsenic, mercury, opiates, and bleeding, hastened the deaths of many more patients than it saved [12]. Nightingale believed that, by keeping patients well-fed, warm, comfortable, and above all clean, nursing could solve many problems that 19th century medicine could not. Treatment of soldiers in Scutari provided an opportunity to validate this theory on an unprecedented scale. To this task, Nightingale brought her skills as a nurse. But she also brought prodigious managerial skills, an obsession with meticulous record keeping, and a deep faith in the Sanitarian movement. Florence Nightingale was an early disciple of the Sanitarian Edwin Chadwick, the main proponent of the British Public Health Act of 1848 [13], and although she presumably had no concept of bacteria or viruses, she clearly understood contagion. She saw a clear relationship between the diseases killing her patients and the filth in which they lay, the air they breathed, the water they drank, and the food they ate. To Nightingale, the greatest tragedy of the Crimean War was the British Army’s failure, through bureaucratic inertia, to protect the soldiers’ health or to assist in their recovery. In her words, “The 3 things which all butdestroyed the army in Crimea were ignorance, incapacity, and useless rules” [14].

Her interventions, considered at the time to be revolutionary, seem in hindsight to be acts of common sense. She and her nurses washed and bathed the soldiers, laundered their linens, gave them clean beds to lie in, and fed them, while working and lobbying to improve the overall hygiene of the wards. She helped establish a rational system for receiving and triaging the injured soldiers. As the wounded soldiers disembarked, they were stripped of their blood- and offal-soaked uniforms, and their wounds were bathed. To prevent cross-contamination between soldiers, Nightingale insisted that a fresh, clean cloth be used for each soldier, rather than the same cloth for multiple patients. She set up huge boilers to destroy lice and found honest washerwomen who would not steal the linens. She shamed hospital orderlies into removing buckets of human waste, to clean up the raw sewage that polluted the wards, and to unplug latrine pipes. At her behest, new windows capable of opening were installed to air out the wards. She established a separate kitchen in Barracks Hospital, which was supported by her own finances, to prepare soups, beef teas, jellies, cereals, and other easily digestible foods to supplement the army’s meager rations. In response to rampant petty corruption that was siphoning off medical supplies, she established a parallel supply system for critical materials and food, and she proved that the official supplies were being stolen by sending her representatives into the Turkish markets to buy back the purloined goods. When faced with the imminent arrival of hundreds of additional patients, at her expense, Nightingale organized a team of 200 Turkish workers to replace the floor in Barracks Hospital, which, having been destroyed by a fire, was an ideal habitat for fleas, flies, and lice. And, significantly, she kept meticulous records of everything she saw or did.

For these actions, she earned the deep enmity of army bureaucrats. In the aftermath of recriminations following the Crimean War, the army released a massive 1637-page report about the medical challenges in Scutari that makes not a single mention of Nightingale or her nurses [9]. The army surgeons resented the power she wielded and the implication that they were somehow culpable in the deaths of their patients. Dr.Duncan Menzies, the Chief Medical Officer at Barracks Hospital in 1854, did his best to thwart Miss Nightingale, owing
to the fact that her documentation of the supply shortages in Scutari flatly contradicted his own reports that the army “had everything—Nothing was wanted” [15]. Despite all that—or
perhaps because of it—she earned the deep adoration of the rank-and-file soldiers. Soldiers still died in Scutari. The difference was that they now knew that someone was looking out for them.


The effects of Nightingale’s reforms were striking. One of the early “fever casualties” brought to Scutari described these reforms as follows: “Everything changed for the better. The sick were not kept waiting in the passages but went at once to bed, were washed, and had clean linen and were attended as well as in England” [16]. Critics of Florence Nightingale rightly
point out that the profound decreases in the mortality rate during the latter months of 1855 could not have resulted solely from improvements in nursing (table 2). But this merely underscores the fact that the improved survival rate had less to do with the outstanding individual care she and her nurses provided and far more to do with the structural changes in the procurement of supplies and the improved sanitation that occurred under her influence. In hindsight, these interventions likely served to critically alter the conditions that favored the spread through the wards of typhus, tuberculosis, dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and other infectious diseases that were decimating the soldiers.

Several contemporary historians have attempted to portray Nightingale as little more than a manager with no taste or talent for patient care [1, 2], but such characterizations are both untrue and unkind. Her own letters to friends, family, and government officials, as well as the private and published testimony of other nurses and British Army surgeons who served during the war, clearly establish that she was one of the handful of women permitted by army doctors to do wound care, that she was fully involved in what we now call first aid and triage, and that she preferentially took on the care of patients with infectious diseases who were determined by doctors, correctly, to be beyond medical help and who were therefore avoided [4]. As her aunt Mai Smith wrote home from Scutari in January 1856, the happiest hours Nightingale spent were those she spent with the patients [15].

For her work in Scutari and her subsequent teachings [17, 18], Florence Nightingale will forever be linked with modern nursing—and rightly so. However, we believe that 3 areas of contemporary medicine were also deeply influenced by her.

The first area of influence is hospital infection control. Although the CrimeanWar settled nothing in terms of geopolitics, it served as the backdrop for a second struggle between the Sanitarian movement and the medical dogma of the day, which the Sanitarians at least won decisively. Nightingale cannot claim credit for originating the Sanitarian theories, but the impact of her reforms in Scutari were so obvious and well publicized that the treatment of hospitalized and infected patients was forever changed. In her words, “In the present (so-called) enlightened time, sound principles of Hygiene [sic] are by no means widely spread even among the civil medical profession. To this circumstance it appears mainly to be owing that the belief in contagion as an unavoidable cause of death from epidemic disease is still so prevalent” [14]. Many of our current health care practices, such as isolation of patients with antibioticresistant pathogens, avoidance of cross-contamination, routine cleansing of all patient areas, aseptic preparation of foods, ventilation of wards, and disposal of human and medical wastes, trace their origins to practices enacted by Nightingale at Scutari.

The second field influenced by Florence Nightingale is hospital epidemiology. Nightingale was a skilled statistician who was greatly influenced by the work of Adolphe Quetelet (1796–
1874), the leading statistician of her day [19]. She considered his book Essaie de Physique Sociale to be a revelation of the will of God. In annotations to her copy of Quetelet’s book, she wrote that “all Sciences of Observations depend upon Statistical methods—without these, are blind empiricism. Make your facts comparable before deducing causes. In complete, pell-mell observations arranged so as to support theory; insufficient number of observations; this is what one sees” [20]. The mortality diagrams that she invented for her report about the CrimeanWar remain models of elegance today (figure 3). However, her intellectual contributions to the field were arguably less significant than her ability to demonstrate the power of applied descriptive statistics in practice. One of her most famous achievements was
to prove that the majority of soldiers in the Crimean War died not of war wounds but of fever, cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, and scurvy, all of which are preventable conditions [14].

Finally, we would argue that hospice medicine owes Nightingale a particular debt. Long before Kubler-Ross’ theories about death with dignity [21], Florence Nightingale practiced it. As a nurse engaged in direct treatment of patients, Nightingale saved perhaps dozens of soldier’s lives, but by her own accounts, she closed the eyes of hundreds. One of the duties
she assigned herself was to write letters to the families of patients who were dead or dying and, particularly, patients who were illiterate. In these letters, she explained the circumstances of illness and death, and she often included small packets of the dead soldiers’ personnel effects. Her nightly tours of the 6.4 km of wards at Barracks Hospital started as a routine, became a ritual, and ended as a covenant between her and the men—and they understood its meaning precisely. As one soldier wrote, “What a comfort it was to see her pass even. She would speak to one, and nod and smile to many more; but she could not do it all you know. We lay there by hundreds; but we could kiss her shadow as it fell and lay our heads on the pillow again content” [22]. It is no surprise that the image of Florence Nightingale that continues to inspire today is that of her touring the wards alone at night by the light of a Turkish lamp (figure 2). In the lyrics of a soldier’s ballad, penned while
the war was still being waged:

On a dark lonely night on Crimea’s dread shores
There’d been bloodshed and strife on the morning before;
The dead and the dying lay bleeding around,
Some crying for help—there was none to be found
Now God in His mercy He pitied their cries,
And the soldiers so cheerful in the morning do rise.
So, forward my lads, may your hearts never fail
You are cheered by the presence of a sweet Nightingale.
Her heart it means good for no bounty she’ll take,
She’d lay down her life for the poor soldier’s sake;
She prays for the dying, she gives peace to the brave,
She feels that a soldier has a soul to be saved.
The wounded they lover [sic] her as it has been seen,
She’s the soldier’s preserver, they call her their Queen.
May heaven give her strength and her heart never fail.
One of Heaven’s best gifts is Miss Nightingale.

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Note: this article is posted for the TFN students in requirement for journal reading. No content of this article is written by the user of the blog site.


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catherine exconde said...

good afternoon mam,
when i was a midwifery student in slpc i already heared the name of Florence Nigtingale but there is a big question mark on my head. Why is florence nightingale symbolize her when there was a pinning and capping ceremony in the 3rd yr student and why there was a lamp?because we never discuss florence in our course but when i enter the world of nursing that big question mark got the answer. I am inspired of what good deeds she have in our profession and I agree that she is the lady with a lamp because she enligtend the way to those who dream to be a professional nurse to devote and to help others in this profession she focused on how to care for the client.As my world move on for a better way I should not forgot the learning, instead it should be grow and teach to the new generation the knowledge and the skills that I learn a lot in florence nightingale. And apply it to our profession to deliver a good, well and excelent care.
Catherine M. Exconde

rostumharoldserrano said...

Florence Nightingale can be described by many words.
F-She is a FIGHTER,
E-She shows EMPHATY,
N-She NEVER SURRENDER on thinking ways how to cure the wounded soldiers until she found out the reason why.

through this characteristics, no one can ever replace FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE as the Matriarch of Modern Nursing.


Uno Mischelle Mamburao said...

I am proudly to say that Florence Nightingale is a true, remarkable heroine not only in her time but until today! Because of her bravery in helping the sick and wounded soldiers, I salute her. She prove to many that even though she is wealthy and a woman, she can also serves other and do a lot of things that others can. She apply her environmental theory in taking care of the patients. Her bravery and greatness during the Crimean war inspires me. She is an extraordinary nurse. Someday, I want to be like her. A lady with full of determination to succeed..

Mamburao, Uno Mischelle T.

Joriel said...

I can say that Florence Nightingale was a brave women because she is fearless in doing things that she knows right.And she is very helpful because she didn't hesitate or confuse in helping all the soldiers during crimean war, who died not only because of bullets but also in malaria and other diseases that came from dirty environment.Because of that she apply the environmental theory,where she did the 4 o"clock habbit,sanitation,proper disposal of noise, and many else that can help to patients to have a past recovery in thier situations.And after she apply that theory she noticed that they have imprvoment and they get recovered easily.So through that theory it prove that the clean environment is importatnt to be healthy and stay away from diseases.

Thank you Mam Danila.

joriel ocan

Annabelle S. Evallar said...

Nightingale's is a legendary icon for all of us! Her marvelous works are passed throughout the generations. Florence Nightinglae and her theory which was the Environmental Theory gave a huge impact in our environment particularly in the nursing field. Her legacy marked as an important role in our institution, she was such a heroine in our history, specially to the british soldiers who were the ones she help during the Crimean War (1854–1856), in British Army Hospitals in
Scutari, Turkey.

And in her work she influence the most were the three areas of contemporary medicine which were hospital infection control, the hospital epidemiology, and the hospice madecine.

In that case I really admire her and should rate her with two thumbs up!!!

Annabelle S. Evallar


Chris-Anne said...

Florence Nightingale is one of the inspirations of every nurse because of her contributions in nursing. I admire what she did during the crimean war. there she chose to be a nurse and serve for the wounded soldiers and no other victorian women did that or even thought of doing such a deed. She is really one of a kind. And someday i want to be as dedicated nurse as Florence Nighitngale, even though i know that i can't be like her.

Chris-Anne D.P. Manlangit

Alexandra lalaine Ong said...

good afternoon .,.

After reading this article i was so amazed because all of her idea and concept of Florence Nigthingale are very useful in our time.,
Im also proud of her because she is very humble for being one of the richest family she put her self to serve the poor which is uncommon to victorians woman.,.
Florence hes no love life im so sad in that situation because she is good and intelligent.,.maybe the man is ashame to court her.,.
In all of her idea only one i dont believe that she stated that diseases are came from organic materials and environment not on "germs" for me diseases are came from germs.,.
I idolize her because her being intelligent and helpful to the soldiers during crimean war.,.
Alexandra Lalaine Ong

iris bianca said...

Good day maam!

..FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE stands as my inspiration in my studies, because of her she helps me think that even if there are so many obstacles and challenges to pursue her profession she did her best to pursue it.. she don’t care if her father don’t like her to be a nurse she continue doing what she wants, because she know that she really love to serve others..
..i really appreciate what she did during the Crimean war where she helped and give care to the wounded soldiers without expecting any return..


princess joy alejar said...

reading this journal takes me alot of time but the knowledge i gained from this would be forever.

THis journal shows that the existency of florence nightingale is a big part during the crimean war.

based on what i had read. The surgeons cannot find exactly the cause and cure of every wounded and dying soldiers from the war. They didn't ever try to bath those patients. This leads to a a high percentage of mortality rate.

when nightingale came, she proposed cleaning of the room of the patients and even bathing those wounded soldier in this way she said that these things will help those persons to relive easily.

How great is the mind of nightingale?,,She knew the thing to do than the surgeons and she also lower the rate of mortality.
she's the best!:))

tnkz mam for posting this journal..

Louie Aldous V. Faller said...

A pleasant afternoon to you...
Mrs. Oloresisimo,
Through my journal reading, i observed and notice the purpose of Florence Nightingale in going to Scutari, it is because she wanted not only to help the soldiers in the Crimean War, but to examine,to explore, and gain/widen her knowledge about her profession and practice. In the Crimean War, several cases of disease and she was able to cure the soldiers and avoid/prevent them to spread out using her theory of proper sanitation and the 4 o'clock habit.Her dedication to her work is outstanding in this historical event so she was called "The Lady with the Lamp" because of her empathy and care to the patients, she start the 4 o'clock habit daily routine and this concept lessen the number of dying patients. She was awarded for her managerial and statistical skills. Her name will never be disjoint in the modern nursing from her marvelous job in the Crimean War.

Her passion for her profession will never be replaced by other nurses. Through experiences you can be an excellent nurse in the Future.....

Louie Aldous V. Faller


This journal reading is very enlightening to our minds about the great "Angel of the Crimean" because this journal reading contains a lot of information which is very helpful to us especially as a student. How she applied her theory about the environment to make the patient to be cure and how her theory continuously develop until in the present day despite of all critics and anti-Florence still her theory become the foundation of medical services.

Dela Peña, Nel Patrick B.

Timothy John said...

Good Morning Mrs. Oleresisimo,

Mam I think this article is very detailed than in the yellow book and I Think this will help me a lot in my studies even in my later life. Because in this article it is stated that environment really affects our health.It was proven in the Crimean War when there are many soldiers who are sick and injured and their place of where they rest and try to heal their wounds and recover their health is very dirty and not clean.
And when Florence's sanitation of the place of where injured and sick soldiers are kept made the soldiers recovery fast. And That mark the beginning of the millennium of new nursing history or the 1st theory ever been estated in the history, and i am very pleased that you mam had work hard for this article so we can study it and learn more about this theory, because this theory is really a big deal for us on how we we'll deal with our future life especially in nursing.

Timothy John S. Vargas
BSN - 1B

Rhea Denise M. Rondolo said...

I’m so proud to her for being her courageous because she cannot become weak when the times she was the only one who took care and helping those wounded soldiers during the Crimean War together with her lamp. She’s a hero. She use and apply her Environmental Theory when she help to those who wounded soldiers. I want to become like her someday, not because to become familiar too many people but also to become part me of life for each patient.
Ma’am thank you po because of his life that I can watched I learned on how to help many people without in return, Because Iremember my parents said that it'sbetter to give than to receive so I cn use this until I die. God Bless po.

Carla Bianchi I. Pineda said...

I can say that Florence Nightingale is really a hero for me, not only in the nurses but also in other ordinary people because, we all know that Nightingale is wealthy and belong to the upper class, but she still choose to work for wounded soldiers and help those people who in need of her humble service and that's the reason why she become a heroine in Great bBritains as a result of her work in the crimean war.

Carla bianchi I. Pineda

tracy lirio said...

good evening ma'am oloresisimo.
Florence Nightingale, "The Lady with a Lamp", the one that proposed the Environmental theory, is a very strong willed and brave woman who did everything just to make her dream come true and that is to become a nurse, she insist her father to allow her to study so that she can acquire more knowledge about the profession she chose.She is also a very observant lady, that made a lot of help during the crimean war when she observe that most of her patients died not because of their injuries, but because of germs, so she propose the Environmental Theory.She made the level of nursing profession in lined with a respectable level like the level of a doctor.In this, their is no doubt that Florence Nightingale is a Matriarch of Modern Nursing. I am very inspired in Florence Nightingale's works just to make sure that she fulfill or attain her goal, like she sacrifice her love to her admirers just because of her love to her profession, and she travel all the way to turkey just to help the wounded soldiers from the crimean war. When I become a nurse I will always put in mind the theory of Florence Nightingale and her love for nursing professions so that i can also fulfill my goals s a nurse. Her theory contributes alot in this profession to give comfort, care and healthy living for every patients.

Tracy Ruth Y. Lirio

myla martinez said...

The article about Environmental Theory is very interesting. with this article understand that we should have a clean and peaceful environment in order for us to have a healthy living and to prevent ourselves from sickness. Nightingale is very helpful in the nursing education. with her knowledge and skills she was able to develop and formulate this theory. with her full devotion and passion with her service she made nursing education a great profession.

Justin said...

And now you can say that she is not only a nurse in her profession but also a Hero. I am proud to say that she is my inspiration why I take nursing as a course, because she is not afraid to help and nurse the wounded and the sick in the Crimean war even if her life is on the line. I admire her bravery and all the things that she have done to the nursing profession and the humanity. Her dedication on her work really inspired me in becoming a good a nurse someday, and I think her compassion to the people around her makes her stronger and wiser.


john edward paderes said...

Well, I am so disappointed in some historians and medical man who wants to dismiss Nightingale's legacy. I may say that Florence Nightingale is an amazing woman with a strong dedication to her profession.She and her works should be cherished and remembered not only by the nurses but all the people in this world.
After reading this journal. I may say that environment truly affects the health of an individual.
For me it is so silly to heard that the soldiers in Crimean War died not because of war wounds they got but died because of fever, cholera, diarrhea, dysentery and others. One thing that also captured my mind is when Florence Nightingale round in the Barracks Hospital and walked at least 6 kilometers every night just to checked the condition of her patients.Because of her, the mortality rate at her time decreases.

She set an example of compassion, commitment to patient care, and diligent and thoughtful hospital administration.TRULY, Florence Nightingale is a legend, a superhero that we should always remember and love all the times


maymarie joyce g. calpe said...

As i read this journal, my admiration to Florence Nightingale became bigger and stronger. She went to the Crimean war just to help the wounded soldiers there. How brave she was, ryt?I consider her as a heroine because she is very committed and dedicated to her profession. She was rounding everynight with her lamp to check the condition of her patients, that's the very reason why she is called "The Lady with the Lamp."

Ma'am Dannie! thank you for posting this journal!.. I appreaciate what you're doing just to help us to understand easily the things we need to learn.

Maymarie Joyce G. Calpe

chard said...

Nothing can replace the lady with the lamp. Nothing can stand for her dignity, for her passion, for her being an intelligent and resourceful nurse, and her effort to serve humanity. Florence is a history itself.

She really inspired a lot of nurse today and even those student who are enrolled in this profession. She deserve what she got.

Chard of 1G

gestine grace d. estrada said...

Florence Nightingale was truly a heaven's gift during the Crimean War. She was a great heroine to consider. Inspite from being an aristocratic victorian, she served during the war to the wounded soldiers. She married her life to her profession, giving her full time to help others. Her legacy must be known up to the next next generation of nurses because of her works and determination from being a nurse was astonishing. I salute her!

Gestine Grace Estrada

eiyanna said...

We were fortunate enough to have her, she discovered true realm of nursing. This realm was a mystery until Florence Nightingale deciphered the true mystery of the art of nursing. With her as a model, nurses were marked as a representation of good values and tower of life. Her perseverance, strength and bravery are marvelous and leaves a never-ending mark in the world of nursing.

Aiyanna Araña

raechel s. makipagay said...

After reading this article, I really appreciate the contributions of Florence Nightingale during the crimean war and its essence in the nursing profession that make use of various studies to provide an intervention that is beneficial to the health of humanity.

Thank you ma'am for this article.

Raechel S. Makipagay BSN 1A

giselle_gayeta said...

Florence Nightingale is very inspiring. She pursue her dreams to serve others without hesitations. She inspires me to study hard for me to achieve my dreams.No wonder that she was considered as the lady in the lamp,because of her dedication to care for others. She was an extraordinary nurse. Her theory was one of the best.

Joahnna Marie A. Abuyan said...

This journal gives information to nurses and nursing students to better understand the workings of Nightingale during the Crimean War were she helped the ill soldiers. Her nightly rounds marked her to be called the "Lady with the Lamp" and Mother of Modern Nursing because of her great contribution in nursing practice.

Thanks for the article!

Joahnna Marie A. Abuyan

mhayuki said...

Florence Nightingale was an awesome women. I really admire how she solve the problem of environment during the Crimean War. I think its really Nightingale was the main KEY even though there are army surgeons who treat the wounded soldiers by means of amputation and debridment.But still the BRILLIANT IDEA of Florence about SANITATION that applied during that time was really big help why mortality rate drop during Crimean War. And also her idea on how to prevent the transmission of diseases of the soldiers. Nightingale benifits all of us especilly Nursing profession the knowledge that we are enjoying/experiencing should give credit to her that can really apply in Nursing practice. It can also use by the next generation also.She deserve to be called The Matriarch of Modern Nursing.


fideliz m.verzo bsn 1c said...

Florence Nightingale’ background as a mathematician, a philosopher and an environmentalist supports her in formulating her theory. Having this skills help her to be the one to inspire and develop this profession. Using her observation in the environment then she applied it with her knowledge in statistics, she already touches the daily life of an individual not only in the hospitals but also in each unit in the society. Her influence in the proper sanitation and disposal has a great impact in the prevention of the disease. She clearly emphasized that the environment can help the patient to easily get well.

Bisagas, Jameel Mykaela O. said...

Good day!..

This journal reading is helpful because it doesn't only focus on the theorist or the theory itself but it shows a clear representation and it creates an idea that our minds are capable to reach because it talks about what the theorist did in practicing her theory just like what the "Lady with a Lamp" did during the Crimean war that she practiced her environmental theory and that when all the medical officers have retired for the night and silence and darkness have settled down upon those small rooms and hallways she may be observed alone,with a little lamp in her hand, making her solitary rounds.
And with this journal reading I also found out that those patients she treated doesn't only have wounds but are also diagnosed having different variation of fever and other intestinal infections that are rampant and devastating.


Bisagas, Jameel Mykaela O.

.karen.gajitos. said...

atlast,I'm finish reading this journal,though it takes time,this journal seems to be more understandable than in our book,this further explains why Florence Nightingale became legendary and known for her profession.She was the one who first instructed to maintain the cleanliness in place where patients mostly stayed,which also served as one factor in her environmental theory.She was considered as a heroine because of her acts during the Crimean war,She was the one and with her nurses,who cured the wounded soldiers,prevented the soldiers from contamination.Nightingale deeply influenced the 3 areas of contemporary medicine,which we can observed nowadays.Finally I can say that with her great contribution to us Nightingale is the best!

-Karen Rochelle A. Gajitos

Mara Vannessa S. Silvino said...

I as a nursing student,have also seen torture and pain of the needy, in this article I must say that Florence Nightingale is the only person that I know that had the guts to help the people. She showed us what nurses should be. She can be included as one of the heroes in their time and in our time and also in the future it is because she saved the people who needs help by taking care of the wounded person in the middle of the Crimean War. And also she saved the future because without her nurses will not be appreciated and maybe if Florence Nightingale did not do those things nurses maybe called as "maids". I believe that without her and her Environmental theory about our environment there will be no sanitation that help us to prevent sickness.And eventhough she's a member of the richest family and she belongs to the aristocrats she chose to help others than to socialize with the high class people. And from this article I learned alot about her and what she did for us , so it encouraged me to be like her someday. And applied the skills that she have shown.And it also proves that all that she do help alot to other people and especially to the nurses.

Donna Louis Brosas said...

Truly, Florence Nightingale is a nurse who became a hero because of her passion on helping the wounded soldiers of Crimean war. She was so braved. Despite of being an aristocrat Victorian woman, she did not afraid to go to the Crimean war when her friend asked to do so. Her parents didn’t like the idea of a young beautiful woman to waste her life curing the sick of the soldiers. But as soon as the news of the suffering of the soldiers of the Crimean war broke out, she used this opportunity to step into serving the suffering people. Before Florence, most hospitals were dirty and poorly planned buildings. Florence Nightingale influenced others to impose sanitation requirements. Florence Nightingale had a major impact on the development of medicine by changing the way nurses were viewed and creating higher sanitary standards for hospitals. Florence Nightingale became the heroine of British soldiers and her legacy flourished until now!

-= I really admire her determination to help others! Florence Nightingale is the BEST!

Donna Louis B. Brosas

Kae Anne Marie T. Cambay said...

Good Morning!!!

The information regarding on the activities applied by Ms. Florence Nightingale at the hospital during the Crimean War, are still being used and are really helpful in the hospitals today.

She made a very remarkable difference in the sight of the soldiers. The way she treated them like babies made the soldiers love and respect her.Many people from that era expects that a man would do the such thing,…but this time,…I can say that: GIRLS RULE!!!! 

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

Now I’m very proud to say …….I LOVE FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE!!!

Good luck future nurses!!Be like her someday!
Cambay,Kae Anne Marie T.

Arandela, Mhario Felix John G. said...

When I heard the name "Florence Nightingale", two words came to my mind, "BRAVE HEROINE".It's because she faced all the problems she had, all those who criticized her as a woman, and help those who are in string need during the war. She is truly a great heroine, a great individual, a great nurse, and a great woman. She gave us all inspiration to help all those in need, she gave us knowledge, she gave us vocation to nursing.
In all, I truly honor and respect her, and I'm truly inspired of her that not all blue-blooded families dont give help,they can!we can!

jed-calamigan said...

The touch of her consoling hands helps many wounded soldiers to recover on the CRIMEAN WAR. She used her skills as a nurse and became a hero on the said war. She is one of the well-educated in her times but she is the only one who became a hero for me. Her knowledge on how environment affects human aspects. No one who diminished the the death rate on her times but when she apply her vast knowledge on the said field, she make a miracle...

She surpass all the hindrances and make possible to recover more life!

Her determination maked her different to other theorist that no one can replace her.

-Jed Calamigan

elaiza_jane said...

',."Florence Nightingale"... the name that can never be erase in my mind and in my heart. Her name, her life,works and contributions will serve as my inspirations as I take my road through my success.

She deserved to be called as "The Lady With The Lamp". She lightens the life of every one, especially the wounded soldiers during the crimean war. Her life as a nurse during the war is very inspiring, she served other people at her best.

For me, no one can replace her. She is an inspiration. . .

Elaiza Jane M. dela Guardia


jennalyn said...

Florence Nightingale is a true hero and model. She saved the life of many soldiers in the crimean war. She was very brave because she went to the war to help those wounded soldiers.She did her best just to make the soldiers to recover faster. She showed how a true nurse is. Florence Nigtingale gave much contribution in our lives. We must thank her, because without her, there will be no nursing profession today.

Liezel said...

It serves a lot! This journal helps me a lot to understand more about Nightingale. This is very detailed.For me Nightingale is the basis where differet theorists came out after her very long and interesting legacy of her life. She provided the needs of the soldiers and she maitained the cleanliness of the patients and the environment. She stand for her theory that sanitation is very important in our everyday life. She used her own strength and her own passion to served and protect the wounded soldiers. By this journal it helps me to understand the real reason why she is admired of many people.

Liezel D. Gallardo

Karren Cen O.Gepiga said...

Good afternoon ma'am. After reading this article about Florence, I admire her more. She is really a heroine to remember! Caring for thousands of wounded soldiers is a hard task but she still did it. She care to everyone eventhough she didn't know them well. Being an aristocrat victorian lady is not a problem as long as she love what she doing. It amazes me how she able to analyzed the real cause of the death of the soldiers. According to her, it is not the exact wound that caused the death of the soldiers but the epidemic of diseases that came from their dirty environment. I admire her her effort to have hospital rounds everynight to check the patients personally...

eva merlyn tagle said...

Good afternoon ma'am

when i read this article i learn a lot and it enhance my knowledge...
And i admire her more because of her marvelous works..
From the start i know and i heard the name Florence Nightingale but i dont know why she is being value by some students/people. But now because of those knowledge and learning that i cope from reading this article. It now fulfill the answer that i need in my question..

I greatly admire her because of her dedication in her work... and she also priorities the health of the wounded soldier than those silly words that the victorian aristocrat aristocrat strongly disagree on what she is doing..
her theory is a very useful one that everybody always use in their everyday living...
I agree that she is a legendary icon in all times...

Ma'am thank you for the great knowledge you share with us...

Eva Merlyn V. Tagle

rhessiane roda said...

The Environmental Theory that Ms. Florence Nightingale has been manifested, was indeed, enlightened my mind towards the environment I am now facing on. As a student i have been applying it through my daily activities. Some examples are: Now that i am far from my family and live here in Lucban alone, I practiced her theory by taking a laundry, cleaning the room, have a presentable look before going to school.. These activities perform Environmental Theory..

Now, that i have a comprehensive understanding to Nightingale's Theory, I am assuming that in our incoming duty, i am informed enough
to practice the theory and render care to my patients which cleanliness and orderliness are indeedly considers to achieve healthiness and safety of both parts.
Line to Ponder:
" The Key to a Healthy living would be base on the status of the Environment".

As a nursing student, this theory really provides me a variety of knowledge about proper care, particular things to consider to promote and improve the quality ogf life of every patients that i will handle. This theory also taught me
proper ways, guidance necessary to
prolong the lives of every patients
that makes me ready to enter in the
Field of Nursing Profession.

Ma. Rhessiane G. Roda

larvene trillana said...

well, as nursing students we can therefore say that Florence Nightingale is a heroine of her time until today. If it weren't for her, nursing would never have become a profession nor would it be independent. Her works in the crimean war showed true valiance and courage in showing her dedication to her duty and her people

Larvene Trillana

Nogal Jowell said...

Greetings Ma'am,
I have already read the journal of Florence Nightingale written by Christopher J. Gill and Gillian C. Gill. As a nursing student, i can say that Nightingale is very passionate in a sense that she love and proud of her profession.With her knowledge about various field and practical knowledge, she use it in order to add and formulate a new knowledge in the nursing field.

This Lady is a truely a heroine of her time because of her good deeds she contributed and all the nursing care she rendered in the community. Those contributions can be well apply in the field of nursing in timeless period.

Thank you!!!

Jowell Z. Nogal

deanne_salcedo said...

Nightingale is definitely one of a kind. She is the type of person that is uncommon and very different to those rich personalities. She helps people, in 100% of her ability. She serves people and she always makes sure that there is a solution in every problem that may take place. Sometimes I hate reading long articles but this time even this article takes time for me to finish reading, I know that the knowledge or ideas that I could get there could be one of the treasures that I would keep for myself forever. Her theory influenced every people in this world, even in just simply cleaning our house. I idolized her so much because she’s different in her own way of showing people how she care for them and for her own way to be different. I admire her that much because she’s Florence nightingale itself and no one can ever replace her. She is great that no one could even hate her. She loves gaining more and more knowledge, exploring things, and experimenting ideas in regards to her chosen career or profession. She serves our inspiration to continue dreaming not only for ourselves but also for the people around us. Her experiences also taught us to be strong enough to face life difficulties as well as to pursue the life of student.

benyasmin jewel L. mero said...

Florence Nightingale was a lady with compassion. She never let her people down. She even used her finances to buy supplies so she could help those wounded soldiers and people who can't afford to be medicated.She inspires alot of students including me. Trough her observations, she came up with the Environmental Theory which is the key to solve the numerous case of death during the war. Nowadays her theory still exist and improving the lives of people.

I really admire Florence Nightingale for her compassion and greatness.

Benyasmin Jewel L. Mero

Ziel Nikki Mejilla said...

Florence Nightingale, Idol!
I was really amazed in her life story. I can't imagine that there is a woman like her. We, the students must salute to her.

Now I know why Florence Nightingale is the Mother of Modern Nursing Care. She deserved it.

I assure you. I will apply the environmental theory of her in my everyday life and in my job someday. :)

Mejilla, Ziel Nikki B

arlor de Chavez said...

Florence Nightingale's works in the Crimean War was very inspiring.She showed breveness and she have her dedication in pursuing her duty. Nightingale's determination in her dutirs made me so amazed. Without her and her contributions, nursing would not be a proffesion. She was a great heroine for me.

Nicole Grace Guevarra said...

..-good afternoon mam..
Florence Nightingale serve people through her heart and not by a command of other people. She gave her fully effort to give comfort to the ill soldiers. Her goal is to have an equality to all people living even it is rich or poor they should respect them as people. It only show us that when their is someone who need help we should not hesitate to help other.

vernagraceariola said...

good afternoon mam...
We all know that Florence Nightingale plays important role in our life.I really inspired of her,one of the reason is her ''Environmental Theory'',such as good ventilation,proper disposal,control of noise,sanitation and water treatments,that helps us a lot to have a healthy and safetier life.Others are she develop excellent training system in St. Thomas Hospital & King's College Hospital in London.And i think she is really a hero because she give aid for the wounded soldiers during Crimean War and showed concern for the comfort of the English soldiers,that's why she referred as the ''Lady with the Lamp''.Someday i want to be like her,i want to serve people who need help.And because of her i became a clean and orderly person not only for myself but also in our env't.

Ariola,Verna Grace A.

liz margie sandoval said...

nightingale, florence:
her aristocracy didn't hinder her sel-actualization of the career she has chosen....nursing profession...
the lady whose lamp had served as the guide towards the path of living, getting rid of the reparative process which she used to define disease and an engraving an unwavering inspiration not only to those who had been saved by the touch of her nurding care but also to those who had the opportunity to know her, literally and professionally...

florence'unconditional love for the nursing profession will always be considered as a debt which can only be payed by utilizing her life and contribution in the very synonymous means...serving our fellowmen through rendering effective nursing care upon them...

liz margie sandoval said...

nightingale, florence:
her aristocracy didn't hinder her self-actualization of the career she has chosen....nursing profession...
the lady whose lamp had served as the guide towards the path of living, getting rid of the reparative process which she used to define disease and an engraving an unwavering inspiration not only to those who had been saved by the touch of her nurding care but also to those who had the opportunity to know her, literally and professionally...

florence'unconditional love for the nursing profession will always be considered as a debt which can only be payed by utilizing her life and contribution in the very synonymous means...serving our fellowmen through rendering effective nursing care upon them...


Nightingale's Environmental Theory is very substantis/essential to the clinical practice and in giving quality nursing care. Because of this theory, we are becoming aware of the importance of a clean environment and proper hygiene and how it affects our health. Now we are enjoying a healthy environment and we surely benefit from it.

Roisa Marie said...

This journal helps me to know Florene Nightingale better,
Florence Nightingale, stands as the inspiration for all nurses and also for the nursing students like me.Because of her nursing profession become popular,and because of her theory, helps us to prevent the spreading of disease in a way of cleaning our surroundings and have a good sanitation.

Roisa Marie C. Alva

jimary sulibit said...

Florence Nightingale played a very important role in the foundation of Nursing.Her contributions are really awesome that made her to consider as a heroine to the British soldiers.I admired her courage for what she did when she went in the front of the Crimean War to give aid to the wounded soldiers.Eventhough she is an Aristocrat Victorian but her main goal is to serve the poor and it happened by that time.She saved soldier's lives.I also agree for what she believed that action for the benefit of others is a primary way of serving God which is a basis for defining her nursing work as a religious calling.I was amazed to know that she is the first nurse educator which is also a linguist.Her heart really means good for no bounty she'll take and how I wish that someday I will be like her.

maverick chris sandra ibarrola said...

Florence Nightingale is a big name in the nursing field.
She was deserving to be known as a hero specially for the soldiers in th Crimean War.After reading the article,I saw the love of Florence Nightingale to her profession.She chose to be a nurse rather than to be a plain wife.The soldiers in the Crimean War saw Nightingale as a gift from heaven and it is true.She did her best just to save the life of the soldiers,used her own money to help her fellowmen.
Maverick Chris Sandra B. Ibarrola
BSN 1c

katherine d. Ibarrola said...
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katherine d. Ibarrola said...
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katherine d. Ibarrola said...

The Crimean war zone and the hospitals at Scutari was horrible.
I can picture up the condition of the people there.. A simple disease leads to more complicated one, and even leads to death because of the negligence and dirty environment.

When Nightingale came, she made an important role in decreasing the mortality rate. She conclude that sanitation can give many solutions than 19th century medicine can do..
Florence Nightingale is truly admirable,. She treasure every moment with her patients making it the most happiest chapter of her life...

The situation of the patients during the Crimean war was very miserable... but with the love and care that Nightingale had shown, it gave them HOPE,..

She serves as a blessings from above and touched the lives of many.

Katherine D. Ibarrola

lirA said...

It had took time for me to finish reading this journal but I do believe that it is really worth it! It widened my knowledge about Florence Nightingale's theory which is the "ENVIRONMENTAL THEORY"

Florence Nightingale's theory focuses on environment, on how it affects and manipulates our health
Her theory has helped billions of people and is continuing to help numerous and countless number of people. Florence Nightingale didn't only helped on during her time or during her her existence but until now she is continuing to help through mere application of her theory. H theory didn't only help on her generation and on our generation but also on the next generations to come!

It surely helps!!

Lira Antonio-BSN-I-G

Monique G. Oracion said...

Florence Nightingale is truly a heroine, not just on her time but until at the present. Her theory contributed much in our everyday lives and especially in our profession. She is a great women, who fights for what she wants. Even though she is an aristocrat, she still choose to be a nurse. For her to help the people who truly needs her care. She is truly an inspiration, especially for a nursing student like me.
She serves as an inspiration for me to continue dreaming not only for myself but also for all the people around me. She deserved the title "the mother of modern nursing" Because her works can never be replaced by other nurses.
She is one of a kind!!!!

-monique g. oracion

Crisanta_salvatierra said...

Good afternoon mam dani,
Florence Nightingale can really be considered as a heroine not only because of her environmental theory but also because of what she did during th crimean war. she saved so much life even if its dangerous there. she made the lives of the soldiers comfortable during that chaos. I really appreciate what she did for the nursing profession. she committed her life for nursing.She didn't let her life be wasted. she used her knowledge and strength for the benefits of other people. She made nursing profession as popular as her. someday, i also want to be like her. she's an inspiration. she made nursing an important profession. and with that, I Salute her!

Marnelli Chan said...

Florence Nightingale. . .Aside for being intelligent, she was also a brave and strong person. We all know that her duty as a nurse during the Crimean War at Scutari was really difficult. She helped taking care of the wounded and sick soldiers with an open heart. She served for them without hesitations. Where that time she was called the "Lady with the Lamp." She was truly a great heroine until now for giving so many contributions to Nursing through practice, education and research. Her life story was really inspiring and amazing because of the expiriences that she had during her time.

This journal reading helped me a lot because I've given the chance to know more about the lifestory of Florence Nightingale.

Thank you Maam.

Gud pm. Godbless!


Chan, Marnelli N.

Cherish M.Gines said...

At first,i really confused why Florence Nightingale called to be the "LADY WITH THE LAMP" and when i read her life in scutari my question got an answer.She used to brought a lamp when she visiting the wounded solders in the barracks at the middle of the night.Many of the solders know that she is coming because of this.Also, because of her Environmental Theory many got an idea that the dirty environment really affects us.It can cause many deseases.Thats why when they started cleaning the sorroundings the mortality rate went down.As a result of her work,she received many awarrds for the recognition of her work.And she deserves it...

thank you po Mam Danila

Cherish M.Gines said...

At first,i really confused why Florence Nightingale called to be the "LADY WITH THE LAMP" and when i read her life in scutari my question got an answer.She used to brought a lamp when she visiting the wounded solders in the barracks at the middle of the night.Many of the solders know that she is coming because of this.Also, because of her Environmental Theory many got an idea that the dirty environment really affects us.It can cause many deseases.Thats why when they started cleaning the sorroundings the mortality rate went down.As a result of her work,she received many awards for the recognition of her work.And she deserves it...

thank you po Mam Danila

sheena said...

Florence Nightingale," the mother of modern nursing", for me was a very wonderful person. She deserves to have her title as the
matriarch of modern nursing.
What she did during the Crimean War is truly amazing.
An aristocratic victorian person like help the wounded soldiers without doubting. Being a girl is not a hindrance for her.
She's also the one who formulate the environmental theory,
that was used not only used in the field of nursing but also in our daily life.Like in our house, cleaning and removing the dust to maintain a good and healthy environment, is simply applying her theory.
Thank's to her because now,
her theory plays an important role
in daily living.For the reason that environment affects one's health.

Sheena marie A. Estrada

robert khenn reyes said...

florence nightingale's environmental theory has many attributes to the nursing profession because she proved that a clean sorrounding decreases the rate of death she proved this in the crimean war using sanitation
And thanks to her that there is a nursing school because as ma'am dani told us even though nightingale is a rich woman she still wants to be a nurse we now know her importance i admire so much

Thanks ma'am dani for sharing her works and further explaining her theory


Jailine Elpa said...

Nightingale mostly focused on proper hygene,needs and proper healthcare to their patient.I believed her so much because,she is a very extraordinary person.She helped the wounded soldier by all of his heart.She used her ability in caring the patient for simply cleaning the wounds,taking them a bath, ,giving them foods and in a nice way to give them comfort.Although some person is againts her,she do her best,just to help the wounded souldier.She help to established a rational system for recieving and triaging the injured soldier(by this little way of doing little thing to the soldier,the ptroblem of cremean decresed.

jefferlyn mari said...

I was amazed when I knew that she worked as a military nurse during the Crimean war. Because for a girl who worked in a war is too dangerous. And she is not just a girl; she belongs to a rich family. Knowing the personality of the rich people they cannot adopt to a dirty place like that. But Florence Nightingale is one of a king, she survive and make the soldiers healthy. She gave her best to give them the best care that they need.

-jefferlyn mari almira

mark ivan s. aguilar said...

Nightingale is a real heroine.why?because she offered her life in nursing eventhough she is a member of an aristocrat family.and because of that, it is hard for her to give aid for many people disagree about that.but because she believes in god,she also beleives in her calling.
also,she is a very intellectual person person for her father tought her all his knowledge.and florence nightingale used her knowledge gained in nursing profession.
she has also many awards gained.but not just an ordinary award,but a great award.


Jailine Elpa said...

Nightingale mostly focused on proper hygiene, needs and proper healthcare to their patient.I believe her so much because, she is very extra ordinary person.She help the wounded soldier by all of his hearth.She used her ability in caring the patient for simply cleaning the wounds,taking them a bath,giving them foods and in a nice way to give them comfort .Although,some person is againts her,she do her best just to help the wounded soldier.She helped to established a rational system for recieving and triaging the injured soldier by this little way of doing little thing to the soldier,the problem of the cremean war decreased.

glyneth joy said...

All i can say was she is very unusual during her time. Her contribution in nursing was very different and unusual.Her theory was very useful in our daily lives.And one day I found myself dreaming to be like her. For me she is my idol she inspired me everytime I apply her theory.
Glyneth joy A. Francia

maria deanna s. cantos said...

The Legacy of Ms.Florence Nightingale at Scutari during the Crimean war touches the lives of many people especially the soldiers, the men behind the war, and even me myself. Although her critics pull her down and say things against her, she didnt gave time for them, instead, she gave her time to the people who need her. Her works at the Hospital barracks made me appreciate the difficulties she overcome. She sacrifices her own money and even her life, she gave it all for the sake of the needy.

This article made me really admire Ms. Florence Nightingale and her works.

A big thanks to Ms.Danela Oloresisimo for sharing this to us.


justine kay hidalgo said...
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justine kay hidalgo said...

This journal shows that Florence Nightingale is such a brave women as she worked during the crimean war. We cannot deny the fact that as a women it is hard to be a military nurse but in case of Florence Nightingale I found out her full determination to do her duty, to help those who are in needs, this situation really amazed me. Now, I understand that it is really hard to be a nurse but because of Florence Nigthingale, because of her work make me realize that there is no hard things for a person whose focus is for the benifit of many. Now, She becomes my inspiration to fulfill my dreams.

Justine Kay G. Hidalgo

catherine suzaenne s. lo said...

Good afternoon Mrs.Oloresisimo

when i am reading the journal it inspires me a helps me to study hard..i want to be like her someday...
.she use her superb statistical and skills to make drastic changes in the mortality rate of soldiers .I am proud of her because she bacame a heroine in Great Britain as s result of work in the Crimean war ...She shown concern for the comport of the soldiers...
im so very thankful mam because you gave us the opportunity to read this article or nightingale the life of Fl0rence Nightingale.

thank you very much mam for this article,i learned a lot that will help in our profession

Catherine Lo

Chiara said...

This journal is definitely great!
Florence is a very passionate, hardworking, caring, patient, and dedicated to her profession. Why her works should be dismissed if these have a great impact in the generations to come.
I mean, she had decreased the mortality rate by that times and is a great honor for a woman whose habit is to wake up at 4 o’clock and take good care of the wounded British soldiers during the Crimean war.
It’s so crazy to think that most of the soldiers died not from the bullets but from diseases like fever, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea and etc.

For me, it is true that the environment affects our health and way of living.
We are benefited from the environment. That’s why we should not abuse it.

Nightingale has touched my heart. Her full devotion to serve and to educate nurses has improved the nursing practice and profession.
She is a great legendary icon!

Mrs. Oleresisimo, thanks for sharing your knowledge to us.
This site has really helped me to understand our lesson clearly.

Chiara Jaballa

wennaliza mystika e. ornedo said...

Florence Nightingale is not only a heroine to Great Britain, but also in the whole world! If only all of the people in this world knew her, I think there are lot of students today are taking the nursing course!hehe..

She is really a good example. Although she was a rich woman, she had still an intention to serve her citizens even without expecting any return. I can't imagine how she made all of those good deeds in the middle of the Crimean War... She was a courageous woman!

Florence Nightingale is an inspiration for me... I hope I will be like her...(:

Wennaliza Mystika E. Ornedo

ma.ciara salvan said...

While reading the journal, I was surprised about the condition of the wounded soldiers in the Scutari during the Crimean War. I imagine how messy and dirty the place where the soldiers stay and realize how Florence Nightingale got her idea about the Environmental Theory. I am amazed of the courage that Nightingale showed. I can’t imagine how she fights on all the stress that the war brings, up to the uncomfortable surroundings down to the crying of patients in pain. She faced many problems but still became calm with enough patience and determination to deal with it. I am also impressed with her intelligence on seeking and finding a way to solve the wastes, lice, ventilation and sanitation problems. She was a hardworking woman for she assisted every patient and took good care of them. I may also say that Nightingale was very unselfish person because she provided hospital needs with her own finances and always checked her patients even if she has lack of sleep, tired and exhausted.
Florence Nightingale, an inspirational woman, and her Environmental theory are the two keys that helps in lightening the dark scene of the Crimean War.

I thank you for this valuable article for it gives me additional knowledge that I can surely use in my studies!

Ma. Ciara Salvan

Naval,Leonard P. said...

Obviously Florence Gave a big contribution in the field of medicine particularly in her time in the crimean war,many of her works discoveries,theories,assumptions are applicable in our time right now but it seems like it is not enough because there are still people who is keep on bringing her down but that's life there's is always have an opposition and we cannot move it away but there's one thing I want to say for the people who is against with Florence Nightingale,Why dont you try to do what florence did and before you comment on Florence work,Have an empathy!!!be a nurse!!1
(i focused on the opposition side to be different)

Naval,Leonard P.

regine rivadinera said...

i am truly amazed on the life of Florence Nightingale, she came from an aristocrat and victorian family and inspite of her economical status in life she chose to be a nurse(they called the nurse in her time maid). She can live like a princess in their big manssion but she chose to live and help many people in the war. she spent her life caring for the people who is ill. She dedicated her life in her profession and as a reader i conclude that for her a profession is also a vocation. And according to Mrs. Oloresisimo Florence Nightingale died with her profession filfilled.

And let this sentence summarized what Nightingale is "The greatest path toward fulfillment is not in knowing what we want and how to get it, but in knowing what we have and how to share it".

Regine N. rivadinera BSN-1B

genevieve casiño said...

This article informed me about the Crimean war and how Florence Nightingale help the wounded soldiers. When Im reading this article I knew that Florence Nightingale was remarkable because she did her best in taking care of the patient during the war. Nightingale also find the cause why the soldiers are not getting well and I also knew that Florence Nightingale was a great nurse she prayed for the wounded soldiers and she will gave her in her profession.

Ivy said...

...Florence Nightingale ..i admire her, not because she is a aristocrat and at the same time a victorian, in other word a rich and well educated girl. i admire her because of her good heart and her love for the peole who is poor unlike her !.the lady with the lamp really fit for her. I know she has a good heart bacause during the crimean war she is looking for the wounded soldiers to heal with her consoling hands.

Soren Joshua Paleracio Pabella said...

...her LEGACY is forever. Everyone will remember her, -her passion, her dignity, her intelligence, and her heart for those who are sick, ill and wounded. She lay down her life for the sake of others and thinks of their welfare...for Florence Nightingale.."the lady with the lamp!".

...This article helps me to gain more knowledge about the life, works and achivement of Florence Nightingale. It was too long, in the sense that, it clarifies and rationalize more important events and sceneries happened in her time.

...This article provides the necessary information that will able the nursing student like me to understand and apply the thoery and moral lessons she thought.

***** a student and a beginner, we can easily catch up historical events of a person through a journal reading. Other infromations aside from those in our book really helps me to understand how, when and why those events written in our textbooks. It is such a big help to us, Mam. Thank you and Godspeed.!


Pearly L. Yu said...

Good p.m. Ma'm Dani, this journal reading that you have prepared for us became a lot of help, not only in me but also on my other co-students who are taking up B.S. Nursing.. It became a lot of help on my studies because my little knowledge about the
contributions, theories and life of Florence Nightingale became wider because of the help of this journal reading that you have prepared. I've learned how important the Environmental Theory is, especially when it comes to the application in my daily activities... I really like the way you help us, students, to learn more and succeed more in our thank you very much for you concern Ma'm Dani!!!


johntimotie said...
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johntimotie said...

In ICAC,My classmate was shouting and cheering the words "Keep the Legacy Alive" and I thought maybe it was the legacy of Nightingale. . .

Her name was popular and spread through the vocabulary of every individual nurse.

I salute her because of her bravery, loyalty, outstanding works, and good deeds that inspire many nurses. . .she deserves to be proclaim. . .

So i'm gonna shout too, "Keep the Legacy Alive"

Thank a lot Mam Dani. . .

wilmadagsindal said...

Florence Nightingale is a great person!All of her deeds was so amazing...Although florence belongs to an aristocrat family, she didn't rely on it.She made her on name in the society.And another thing that calls my attention was her strong faith in god!This was the first thing that enters on my mind,that this is a strong reason why she go in the crimean war. And sacrifice her being an aristicrat just to help other people. Because of her dedication in her profession many people have been benefited by her works.
That's why florence Nightingale was called as the Matriarch of modern nursing!!!
This journal about florence was really good!And i hope that we had learn many by this!...

Leben said...

It was her determination that led her to her success. Nightingale was an arstocrat who choose to be a nurse to care for the people who needs her help. Just like with the Crimean War she even used her own money for the sake of the lives of the soldiers who were dying out there. With her lamp every night she would give an extra effort for the soldiers and check out on them if they are still in good condition.

She was truly a very great person that anyone will admire her because of her work and I am one of them who admires her great skills. Imagine she needs to sacrifice herself doing all the things that an aristocrat shouldnt do but still she did pursue her mission.

With her theory everything in the hospital went okay. from the good ventilation to the proper disposal of garbages but not only that she also saved many people just because of her theory. That is why I do admire her work.

Leben C. Beatriz

rommel p. eballa said...

Florence Nightingale

Good Morning Ma'am

Florence is an aristocrat victorian woman. eventhough she is an aristocrat she served and helped people(patient).I am very proud of her, because during the crimean war she hekped the sick and wounded soldier she proved that she can do and serves a lot of things that others can.

Rommel Eballa

Thresa M. Sabong BSN 1-D said...

Nightingale is truly the modern of modern nursing for she's the one who change the life of every nurse..She contibure knowlegde that help us a lot in taking up BSN course she's truly a heroine ever.


jalene mariel r. cuasay said...

florence nightingale, a woman who spent her whole life in contributing to nursing field, was known as the lady with the lamp. the first time i heared her title, as the lady with the lamp, i felt curious. i have no idea why she was given that title, but when i watch her movie that you make, my mind was enlightened. she was called the lady with the lamp because of her every night routine in rounding the patients, specifically the wounded soldiers during the crimean war. she contributed the environmental theory that is now very popular and common to us.the environmental theory is about the cleanliness of environment. she stated that the main cause of illness is the environment. having good sanitation, proper disposal of noise control, water treatment and ventilation are the said factors to prevent illness.
prevention is better then cure.


Angenite Oabel said...

Florence Nightingale was truly a legend! She was such a good example for every dreamer who wants to follow her. Her loyalty to her work touched, inspired and changed many lives.

Thank you Ma'am for the information.

Angenite T. Oabel

frelene_tabernilla said...
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frelene_tabernilla said...

Well, as I was reading this article of Florence Nightingale, I remembered the movie ‘Pearl Harbor’. In that movie I’ve seen the character Evelyn as to compare to Florence Nightingale. In spite in what she had taking through, such as many lives are in her hands, she still handle her self to be calm, and I admire them for being that. All I can say is I am now a big fan of Florence Nightingale. For me, she is a real genius, a savior and a heroine or a superwoman. Actually, the definition of nurse in my vocabulary reached the highest respect. I am proud of being a part of this profession, and I can say that no more regrets is here in my mind. I can’t imagine how she been through with everything she been through. Of course she’s an aristocrat! She could skip the moments of dilemma during war, and be safe and healthy fretting with nothing, but still she chose to be with the dying and the wounded. She is such a noble person and I just simply wish I can be like her. Actually not absolutely like what she is, but I just simply wish I can’t be and do whatever she one calmly and heroically.

Frelene B. Tabernilla

Pearly L. Yu said...

Good evening Ma'm Dani! After I have read the articles about Florence Nightingale, I was really impressed... because of her intelligence that she created the Environmental theory...I like the way she took care of the wounded soldiers during the that because of her, many lives have been saved...the love and also the sacrifices for her fellowmen...Florence Nightingale is truly a heroine for each and everyone because she thinks for the good sake of many people even it is very dangerous for her to go with the soldiers during the Crimean War...I also idolized Florence Nightingale like Hildegard Peplau because all her intelligence, knowledge and the things that she have learned during her past times were all been shared to so many people that we use to apply nowadays.., I'm really much thankful of Nightingale because now I know how to apply her Environmental Theory even in its simplest way by means of cleaning...


Rodilyn Sardona said...

With this journal reading we have seen the braveness of a Victorian Aristocrat woman despite her status in life she never cease helping other people especially those soldiers in the Crimean War. With her Environment theory, many soldiers survived in that ruinous war.

In her courage, it teaches us how to be a virtuous nurse. In the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale cared the soldiers with her passion even if there were not her relatives.

As a nursing student, I will always keep in my mind the works of Florence Nightingale because I know I can apply it to nursing practice.

Sardona, Rodilyn M.
BSN – 1H

gloria_mariz said...

I can say that Florence Nightingale is very brave when she went to Scutari during the Crimean War to help the injured soldiers there. Her decision is not ordinary because it is not easy to go in a war in a sense that it is very perilous and even your life is also in danger. But amazingly Florence Nightingale did. When she was there to cure the injured soldiers from war, she noticed that the percentage of the dying soldiers are higher because of the unsanitized or dirty environment than the number of soldiers dying because of war. They were infested with fleas and rats and other insects that make the soldiers infected. Because of that observation, Nightingale used her statistical ability to formulate a solution for that particular problem. She does the 4 o'clock habit regularly to make their environment sanitized. After that, the number of soldiers dying are lessen.

I see her burden on caring injured people when she does her regular and routine evening rounds. During those nights, she cure and take care of the soldiers with all her heart. That's the reason why she was called "The Lady with the Lamp". With her lamp, she does her job more than anyone does. I can say that her dedication is extraordinary.

Because of all her good deeds, she was recognized and received many awards. She was so amazing...

Gloria Mariz A. Ang

leiVEN luKe sorno said...

"GOD spoke to me in silence and He called me to services" , this is one of Nightingale's beliefs that I like most, for she serve for the benefits of others and fulfill
"GOD'S calling to her...

I do believe that living for God's glory is the greatest achievement we can accomplish in our lives.

Looking back the situation during Crimean war at Scuttari, there is only name who bears it all, a name that is a heroine to the British soldiers and became a legend. It was "Florence Nightingale". And even though she was an Aristocrat Victorian, she prefer to serve the wouded soldiers taht is priceless and truly worth. She never leave them alone in times they need a helping hand, and she even provide food, fresh bedding and cleaning supplies for the sake of others.., and for that, I admire her.

Love, care, faith, perseverance, salvation, endurity, and devotion. oh... I think there's no words could ever describe her. Her works and cotributions on nursing is immeasurable and it is now surrounded by a million people's lives...


Jewell R. Villadiego said...

Florence Nightingale can be called not only as the "Mother of Modern Nursing" but also a true heroine that introduced nursing not only as a work but also a profession. During her times belonging to the rich family, she still decided to study. She was a unique person because she valued the education of nursing as a profession to helped other people. When I decided to took up this course i said to myself that "God knows what the best". I never liked to be a nurse, but everyone in the family wants me to be one. I have no choice but to follow. They said they know better, they know the best. When I stepped in college, I just go with the flow, didn't get any interest with it. You can hear every complain from me regarding my course, my subjects and everything. And I most likely to fail, but then snapped, I asked myself what am i doing? This isn't me at all, of course I have dreams and goals. Until that accident happened, we were nearly home after going to market when suddenly a very fast tricycle hit us. I was shocked, my mother was shocked and I didn't know what to do, what to feel. Anger covered me, I was so afraid for myself and for my mother. I saw her bleeding too much, I panicked and I gathered every strength left from me to get help. In the hospital, at that very moment seeing my mom like that, the possibility that I could loss her not realizing my own pain caused by the accident, I accepted that I am destined to be a NURSE, to be able to care for those people in need. With this, I thanked Florence Nightingale for inspiring me for giving importance to nursing as a profession. Now I am taking all the responsibility of being a student and a nurse to be able to deliver all the knowledge I will acquire from this.

Jewell R. Villadiego

jasmin suarez said...
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jasmin suarez said...

There is no doubt that Florence Nightingale is considered as a hero,an angel of the Crimea and as we all know her as "Lady with the Lamp"


Florence Nightingale was there to give care and to cure the sick without hesitation,with such bravery and purity of heart to help those who needed help. She fought against the odds, though she was considered as one of the royalty she still fought for her beliefs to help change the world. She served and asked no exchange for it. The services she rendered were invaluable. She served as the "hero of the heroes", for she fought for the lives of the soldiers who fought for their honor and their country.


She was considered as an angel of Crimea because just like angels,she took care of the injured and those who are sick. She also gave comfort to them, her theory helped them be cured and cared with comfort. Her theory had changed the world.


Many nurses aspire to be just like Florence Nightingale. She serve as an inspiration to one and all. Known to be "The Lady with the Lamp" for her rounding hours at the hospital though late at night just to check whether her patients are in good condition. With her unique characteristics, nurses look up to her as their role model.

hanna baladad said...

..This article helps me to fully know Florence Nightingale.The "Lady with the Lamp" inspires me to become an effective nurse.She sacrificed so many things for the welfare of others without taking anything.She gives empathy to those persons who are in need.She is an outstanding person and for me she's like a hero because she saved so many lives.She is really the Matriarch of Modern Nursing..

Hanna Margarith A. Baladad,BSN IG

jesssica w. veras said...

Many people(historians) studied and argued about Florence Nightingale's legacy to be the Mother of Modern Nursing. But she deserve her title and she greatly influenced the nursing care today. As we all know she cared the British men/soldiers in the Crimean War and she siscovered that many of them died not because of bullets but because of illnesses caused by dirty environment.
And I can see, now a days it's very obvious that there are many dirty places where mosquitos, cockroaches and other insects that carry various virus and/or diseases stayed. It's very important that we should and it is good to live in clean, peaceful place than dirty place, isn't it? because PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. By maintaining our place clean and well organized we prevent those insects to live/stay in our place that can cause us diseases. Even in the hospitals, it is very important to maintain it clean and properly arranged because nurse and doctors can take care their patients better.
It is good that we have Florence Nightingale who chaged and influenced us the proper and effective ways of caring.

Paderes,Cherry Ann said...

Is Florence Nightingale a heroine?
For me,my answer is yes.Why?it is because it is very hard to give interventions or care to the wounded soldiers especially in that kind of setting.For me she is a very nice person because eventhough she comes from a wealthy family,she choose to give aid to the wounded soldier rathe r than being a Victorian woman.
I am very proud of her.I wish that i will be like her in the future,a responsible nurse rendering a true to heart care.

Cherry Ann Paderes

emmalyn acomular said...

Florence Nigtingale also called as "Lady with the lamp"...She starts the nursing profession during her time..and one of her contribution is her Environmental theory.In her theory she recognized that sickness came from dirty surroundings..she also discuss the importance of environment to our health...She is one of the great contibutors in this profession..


rudessaromana said...

To fulfill a successful nurse in the future, Florence Nightingale's Life Story inspires me a lot. From being a daughter, nurse, servant and a hero to everyone she left us her Life Story to inspire us and to follow what she did in the past. I admire her not only of what she did and how she cure the wounded soldiers in the Crimean War but also of being a educated women that finished 13 courses. I want to be Florence Nightingale someday.

Mam Dani, thank you for giving us more information about the Life Story of Nightingale. And I enjoy watching those clips. Thank you!

God Bless!

rose anne said...

I am greatful that I studied and learn how Florence Nightingale became a heroine in the Crimean war she discover solution for the increasing death in the war. She save many lives even though she don't fight with gun she fight with her heart to save people...her works in that war will never be forgotten.She deserves to be the awards she received after coming back in her country... she will serve a legend to those soldiers and other who witness her works...

Rose Anne A. Resubal BSN1-G

_'eLySsa jaNe c0rtez'_ said...


I am not yet done reading everything about this journal because as we can see, it is way too long... All I can say is that Ms. Nightingale really have a magnificent personality. Soldiers even composed a song that is especially made for her, this just signifies that she really did a splendid job in Scutari.

How I wish I can be just like her-- a person whose happiest moment comes in serving my patient and though I am only one out of the thousand soldiers I have to render care to, I can still afford to share a smile and enjoy my job.

Christian Bernard said...

Florence Nightingale and her works. This journal contains almost all of the information I need as a Nursing student. She taught us so many nursing practice that we can apply in our daily living. Florence Nightingale proved that even though she is rich and powerful, She is dedicated to do her job for the soldiers or patient during her time. That's why I think she became the Angel of the Soldiers during the Crimean War. Her works and nursing practices can be applied up to now in our daily life.

Ma'am Oloresisimo, thank you.
Seco, Christian Bernard M.

michelleannedomingo said...

Florence Nightingale was an aristocratic victorian but she chose to be a nurse though discourage by her parents. Florence committed herself to nursing to care for the poor and indigent people. She is a great woman that everyone will be proud of because of her determination and strong personality. I admire the way she give care to the wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. She spend her whole life caring and helping the people who needs her.

Michelle Anne H. Domingo

Krisha Katrina said...
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Krisha Katrina said...

I'll describe Scutari hospitals during the Crimean War,before Nightingale showed,in one word- DISGUSTING!
While reading the first part of the journal,I can imagine hundreds of soldiers wounded, bleeding, flies over their living bodies, lice on their heads, dirty beddings, unwanted body wastes on buckets,crowded etc...
If I were a nurse that time, i would not prefer to be sent to that place. I'd rather care for old people in England than to stay there. But Nightingale is different. She wanted to be there. She loved to be there.I admire her. She's an aristocrat, but still she prefered to be situated to the worst. According to the journal, inspite of all the effort she exerted and all the changes she made, still several medical bureaucrats hated her. They erased all her reports towards the hospital setting and lied that everything were under their control. Argh! And one thing more (before Nightingale walked in the scene), don't they have common sense? Are they heartless? I'm just a student but i can easily recognize the role of good hygiene and clean environment to my health. Why can't doctors at that time thought of that? And why would they leave the wounded soldiers unattended?They are the doctors!They should rescue the dying.
However, Nightingale became the light for those soldiers.Thanks to her!
(In the journal, there is a ballad dedicated to Nightingale,haaay.. how i wish someone would write a song intended for me too.^_^ Wehe)

That's all.

Krisha Katrina Lopez

Kenneth said...

Florence Nightingale had had exuded the manner of unquestioning solicitude especially when she devoted herself in caring those wounded soldier in Scutari, Turkey brought by the gory Crimean War.
She displayed her altruism through her eleemosynary act of giving the utmost care to mitigate the moribund condition of the British soldiers.
Let these remind us that the primary philosophy of nursing profession is caring and concern for the welfare of the clienteles.
Thank you Mam Oloresisimo.

Kenneth Nolo

Mark Ian said...

good day Poh!!

Miss Florence Nightingale can belong to those people who exist every a thousand year. She is not an ordinary person. Her life gives full of inspiration and joy to every readers and believers of it. Her principles and theory are simple but very powerful. Her concern to health not only focuses on the patient but also to environment of a patient. She is like an angel who put miracle on those ill person specially in the crimean war. Miss Nightingale is not just a history; her light will always shine glow in the past, present and the future. To all who believes on the great lamp of her let us spread the great light of her lamp. She is a heroine to those who dream to be a nurse someday.

Mark Ian Jun Catan
Bsn I-G

blossom_quinto said...

florence Nightingale has not only provided light for the soldiers of the crimean war..but more importantly she gave light for the birth of nursing practice..
because of her dedication to her profession,she has saved thousands of lives from sure death and cured the wounded..
this article clearly depicts how grim and cruel the war is that time..and how the fighters suffer not because of the damages caused bulletsbut because of negligence and improper management of their surroundings...
a million thanks to the lady with the lamp..she saved us from darkness and guided us through the right path.. ^^.


John Christopher C. Sanchez said...

During the Crimean war Florence Nightingale is requested to go to Scutari, Turkey to lead a team of nurses. She did a incredible job in that time she developed some sanitation and cleaning strategies like separating the kitchen, boiling the clothes and linens, proper lightning and ventilation and proper disposal of human wastes and medical wastes. I think that if Nightingale did not developed this theory our hospital facilities is very dirty.Her loving and caring to the soldiers cannot be measured she rounds 6.4km barracks to give care to the wounded soldier.Nightingale is the hero in that time.

paulen zharmae logmao said...

Nightingale is really amazing.....
She is a brave women,because during the Crimean War she did not think that it's dangerous for her to go to the middle of the war...I saw on her personality the courage to help the wounded soldiers she didnt think her own safety instead she think on finding ways how to help the soldiers and gave their needs.... so by this environmental theory she aply to it to her patient for them to recover easily..
when i become a nurse i will aply this theory for me to became an effective nurse someday...

Paulen Logmao

cristy palino said...

Good afternoon Ma'am!

I was so amazed by the life of Florence Nightingale. She was not only a heroine during her time,but until now her works serve as her presence. She still can spread her knowledge to everyone all over the world. I admire her so much. Although she was a Victorian aristocrat, she didn't take it for granted, instead she used it to help the wounded people of Crimean war. She was really an inspiration to everyone.
Thank you Ma'am Dannie for giving us the chance to know the nursing theorists better.

Cristy M. Palino

Angelica said...

Good day to all,

Florence Nightingale in scutari was a very much help to the condition and welfare of the soldiers wounded in battle. Perhaps the doctors then took care of the wounded soldier in a form of medical aspects. But since infection occurs to the would it will take a lot of effort other that amputate it or dismembered a certain parts of the body.
Since Nightingale saw that wounded soldier became weak and have developed infection. The best possible way to do it is to improve the healing process by boosting up the immune system in the form of nutritious food, warm and good care. The common factor is not just the medical treatment that the soldier will have, but the holistic approach of taking care of a wounded soldiers with compassion and love.

Thanks and hope good things never ends,

Angelica M. Blaquera

princess fajardo said...

this journal provides me the information i have to know about the life of florence nightingale especially her life during the Crimean war.Florence Nightingale's dedication to her profession is really an inspiration to me.
she apply her theory in helping the wounded soldiers during the crimean war. Her bravery in helping the soldiers during the war really inspired me..Florence nightingale really deserves to be called as the matriach of modern nursing.

Gud evening ma'am..

Maria princess A. Fajardo

mitch_0985 said...

Through the journal I have read, I fully understand the significance of Florence Nightingale’s work, that she left legacy that has a wide impact on the present nursing student.

I am encouraged to all the good deeds she did in our profession and I agreed that she is the lady with a lamp because she enlightened the mind of those students who are dreaming to be a professional nurse to dedicate and assist others in this profession.

Thank You po....

Mischelle Mendoza

kiella karisse p. cada said...

This journal reading is very helpful for all nursing students to easily understand the works of Florence Nightingale. Her theory was show to be applicable during the Crimean War when she, along with other nurses she had trained, took care of injured soldiers by attending to their immediate needs, when communicable diseases and rapid spread of infections were rampant in this early period in the development of disease-capable medicines. The practice of environment configuration according to patient's health or disease condition is very applicable. Her passion and dedication in her profession is very inspiring.

giselle said...

good afternoon ma'am Dani...

Florence Nightingale is very inspiring and also,her life too.
She was very brave to go to the Crimean War to help the wounded soldiers. She left her family and wealth and choose to be far away from them just to give aid for the wounded and the Dying.
She's a great help for many people because of her great contribution of the Environmental Theory,which we use in our daily life.
Giselle Yesiree M. Rodriguez

Dianne Lei L. Desabille said...
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Dianne Lei L. Desabille said...

Florence Nightingale is a remarkable woman. I agree that she should be looked at as a heroine for what she did during Crimean war which until now plays a great role in hospital setting. She gave hope to the soldiers; the evidence is the lyrics of the ballad they made. Through reading the ballad, the character and image of Nightingale is now clearer to me. I could picture in my mind her tired face yet still determined to render service and it is as if I could hear the advices and words of encouragement she uttered. I believed that Nightingale is a very humble person because she should be the one being served but she had chosen to be the servant. What a great lesson I have learned, service to others is doing God's will.

Dianne Lei L. Desabille

lara valdeavilla said...

Florence Nightingale is such an inspiration in every aspect of my life. I realize that a Victorian woman like her can truly overcome such difficulties in her life and eventually pursue her dreams. Her dedication in nursing profession have help a lot of people most especially those soldiers in the Crimean war. i know that all the people were proud of her and that she deserves an endless praises in this world.

Joseph Rivera said...

Hi! I'm quite unsure if this comment of mine will be posted because there's always a problem whenever I try.
All I can say was that it's a lot easier to comprehend her theory here than in those bulky books.
About her theory, I've heard it first when my sis was reviewing for her exam when I was still a high school Freshie, that time my sis was a college freshie too, actually i have no idea what it is 'til the start of my college days, seems like it would be stucked on my mind for life, that environmental theory of Nightingale was so phenomenal during the crimean war up to this date.

Frenzy Owen said...

We cannot deny the fact that ways of caring the patient nowadays was influenced by Florence Nightingale's work. Like the hospital infection control because being clean can make us healthy and strong and with that we can prevent diseases and other source of sickness. That's why hospitals and other medical centers apply the proper ventilation of wards, disposal of human and other medical waste, cleansing of all patients areas, and we must admit that all of these was inspired by Florence Nightingale.

As a nursing student, I do beleived practicing all her works is for good. The legacy of Nightingale inspires me to become a good nurse someday and prepares me to become dedicated to this field of medicine.

Estrabo, Frenzy Owen B.

krissel lyka said...

This journal discussed more on her experiences on the Crimean War.It also tells several diseases that the soldiers experienced on the hospital and how Florence Nightingale helped those soldiers.It is through her environmental theory.The 5th paragraph of the first topic inspired me a lot because it proves to me that nurse's duty is to save their patients life.And Florence really proves it.Even the disease is hard to treat,nurses still dont loose their hope and still to what they can to make the patient survive.


fernan t enriquez said...

Nothing is as great as devoting your entire life in the service of your people.
Florence raised the flag of women during her time. She’s a lady with a pure intention, a big heart or everybody and unselfish compassion for her people.
I can’t put exactly the words to describe her for I know that it’s more than praising her or paying tribute to her. But I can say that her legacy will never be forgotten, not today, not tomorrow, and not forever.

Fernan T. Enriquez

ailema kate posedio said...

Even though someone didn't agree with Nightingale in the changes she did when she was in Scutari, she still fought for the rights of the soldiers to be healthy and to get well from those criticizing corrupt officers or even doctors. She improved the sanitation as well as the environment of the patients. It's nice that the soldiers appreciated the things that Florence and her nurses did that's why the soldiers supported her. She became a part of the Crimean War soldiers' life but she was also a big part of the nursing profession today.

jhemm mergenio said...

about the journal reading of florence nightingale, i discover different things about her. i admire her because despite of her aristocracy she still willing to work and proved the worth of woman in the society. i can't help but be fond of her, and love my course even more.
mrs. danela thank you again for giving us the opportunity to be acquinted with florence nightingale's life that inspire us all. thak you for sharing your knowledge.more power and God bless you.

Tan,NeilRobisonL said...

Before Florence Nitingale went to Scutari I have describe Scutari hospitals during the Crimean War as a disgusting place.No one could stay alive their cause its very filthy.
While reading the first part of the journal,I can imagine hundreds of soldiers wounded, bleeding, flies over their living bodies, lice on their heads, dirty beddings, unwanted body wastes on buckets,crowded and a very noisy place to hang with and etc. Being a nurse there is very terrible.I would rather choose not to be a nurse if I will be send there.
I'd rather care for an old,sick person in other place than to stay there. But Nightingale is very different. She wanted to be there. She loved to help those person even if their situation is so pitiful.I admire her for her action even if she is a bit bossy to them. Even if she's an aristocrat and also a Victorian woman,she prefered to be situated in that place. According to the journal, even with all the effort she exerted and all the changes she made, still several medical problem still was in there.
But beceause Nitingale was ther and her knowlwedge is unlimited , Nightingale became the light for those soldiers.She even became a hero for those soldiers.
Her descision and beliefs made her one of the best theorist and nurse in the whole nurse history and as my appriciation for her I adopt her theory the Enviromental Theory.
This is Neil Robinson L Tan

meolynibarolla said...

thumbs up!!!!!
Florence Nightingale is such an inspiration to all nurses.She is caring,saintly,loving,and yet very strong one.I admire her strong Advocacy of serving Her fellowmen,all her life,she did nothing but she serve the sick and injured.She showed us exemplary performances regarding to her great contributions to the field of nursing.Her perseverance is one of her quality I admire most.She had considered that nursing is very essential for everybody's well-being.she never gets tired of working.

This is what I have learned, give my service for those people who needed me in order for them to feel my concern and to give importance even we're not related to each other.

So as a nursing student, her story truly inspires me and continue my goal and that is to become a successful nurse someday.

Thanks mam oloresisimo for giving BSN-1 this opportunity to watch the life of Florence Nightingale.

JOshua Meolyn O. Ibarrola

Paul John Guevarra said...

Good afternoon Mam,
When I finished reading this article, I'm very inspired for the works of Florence Nightingale in Scutari because Nightingale's care for the soldiers during Crimean War is excellent if we will read step by step this article. I'm impressed when she used her own money for buying supplies for the soldiers that will benefit them. Nightingale is very educated person because of the improvements in the feelings of the soldiers, also she used statistics in the situation of Crimean War. The works of her is very remarkable in the profession of nursing.
I will not forget all the contributions of florence nightingale during the Crimean War because if I will be a nurse someday, I will follow it because her care for the soldiers is perfect.
Paul John C. Guevarra

Kris Pauline said...

"I think one's feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results."

Florence Nightingale "The Lady with the Lamp"She give care to the wounded person(Crimean War).She is an achiever personality in the field of nursing.One qualities I like to her is being a religious person.She believed that action for the benefit of others is a primary way of serving God which is a basis for defining her nursing work as a religious calling.Her faith provided her with personal strength throughout her life and provided with the conviction that education was a significant factor in establishing the profession of nursing.

Anna Michele said...

Florence Nightingale is really a great woman! She proves to every one that even if she's a woman and came from a well-off family, she can serve anyone and can do everything just to help others. Her determination in caring for her patient inspires me a lot. Being a nurse like her is a great help to our society and having her is a gift from God. Because without her there's no Environmental Theory that will be formulated and no nursing profession that can help sick people. She's a truly heroine!

Anna Michele R. De La Cruz

Ethel dionisio said...

This article was absolutely informative. It narrates all the deeds of Nightingale during the Crimean War in Scutari. She was really a great hero because of what she did to help and save the lives of the wounded soldiers during the war.

Through her environmental theory, death and sicknesses were prevented and lessened. Her theory which emphasizes proper sanitation, proper disposal and control of noise, water treatments and good ventilation served as the answer in achieving health for she observed that soldiers did not die because of fever and bite of mosquitos but rather in the dirty environment.

She also showed compassion and readily offered her service as a nurse through taking good care of the wounded soldiers in order for them to regain strength and fight for their survival during the war.

Because of her presence, everything during the time of chaos have changed for the better. These changes became a challenge to the nurses today for they must provide quality care to everyone who need them at any time and any place without hesitation.

Thanks mam for providing this journal. You have provided us with enough information about Nightingale which helps us to know her great contributions and heroic deeds.=)

jennyvee lumagui said...

the presence of Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War was a great help to the British soldiers.
that's why she is rightly praised and her legacy should be remembered.

During the Crimean War, the sorts of fever are teated poorly because the first antibiotics were never been created and the Germ Theory was never been formulated.
One of the problems of the health care for the soldiers at that time is the spacing between the patients and so the communicable diseases were easily transferred to the other patients.
it is also because of the poor ventilation and improper spacing between the patients.
all problems were brought by ignorance, incapacity and the unworthy rules on that barracks mini hospital.

A surgeon spoke and talked like he was tired and seems able to give up to the health problems encountered at that time.
and so Nightingale began to lead the hospital with her 38 nurses.
they keep the patients well feed, warm, comfortable and most of all, properly sanitized. and so, it results to the good outcome of the patient's condition.

...that's all ma'am...
..good day!!!

Jennyvee Lumagui

alfred rey said...

" Florence Nightingle" one of the nurses that contribute a lot of knowledge..because of her, proper disposal, sanitation,and ventalation are being organized that's why today it is very applicable.she is also a type of person that never give up, she always think for the sake of her patient- that also should have by the nurse's today so that proper carrying will organized..!!!


Khrista Mari said...

Nightingale deserved to be considered as heroine not only for the British soldiers but also for the medical field with her endless contribution that until now is already practiced.

I'd read this journal and it inspires me more of Nightingale. My knowledge about her goes beyond the information I knew before. I knew more about her characteristics as a nurse-- a servant of God who believes that there's a soul to be saved.

I agree that there's a need for nurses to have a prolific education with the subjects like statistics, literature, philosophy, and others for these subjects helped Nightingale to do her service effectively. Her presentation about the true reason of death of soldiers which was the filthy environment rather that the bullets was elegant.

Also, her revelation about the medical officer in the Barracks Hospital who was stealing the medical supplies was mighty in that it also helped the soldiers. Even that, she did investigate. She was a really keen observer! Everything-- she will do for the sake of the patients. She even assigned herself to write letters to the families of patients who were dead or dying...

I have lots or more to say about her but it seems that words are insufficient enough.

Khrista Mari V. Motar

alfred rey said...

Florence was a heroine to British soldier she cared for.she never stop in preventing the good condition of it that's why she gained good result.
war also show's thatshe was rightly hailed as a legend during her time that's why no one can replace to her...!!


alfred rey said...

Florence was a heroine to British soldier she cared for.she never stop in preventing the good condition of it that's why she gained good result.
war also show's thatshe was rightly hailed as a legend during her time that's why no one can replace to her...!!


harlene oabel said...

Florence Nightingale is a rich and educated person but still,her dream is to nurse or take care other people whom she didn't know. That characteristic for me is unbelievable. At her time, if i were her, i might just enjoy the money i have. But in her case, she used her intelligence to serve other people. She dedicated herself in a hard life just to help. And she also fulfilled her dream. She is really amazing.
Thank God because she used Florence Nightingale to start nursing profession.

Yunno Par said...

Nightingale’s intervention in Scutari’s epidemic crisis, as of my view and of the others made her a heroine. Through her death rate were lessen and sick people were cured with the help of her assumptions that keeping the patients well fed, warm, comfortable and above all clean proved that her theory was true enough that doctors and ordinary people should follow to avoid exploitation of the sickness. As doctors and surgeons while Nightingale is not yet in Scutari, they were all helpless and did only little treatment to patients that may have myriad that causes the fever. But when Nightingale came, she involved her assumptions to the patient and made them feel better.

Yunno Par

Winfrey Mae O. Gener said...

It takes time for me to finish reading that article but it worthy to read that because I learn new things about Nightingale. I am inspired of what she did to improve our profession. And I can say that she is a helpful woman, because she help other people without asking in return. She influence many people in her work that's why I can say that she really deserves the title "mother of modern nursing".

Gener, Winfrey Mae O.

jobelle flores said...

florence nightingale is really a great women. i salute her so much because of what she have done in the crimean war. she cared for the soldiers who are suffering from such illness.and she find ways to stop the spreading of disease. and she found out that it was cause by having a dirty environment thats why she built and made the environmental theory to prevent the scattering of diseases because having a good ventilation,clean surrounding proper grooming and etc.will really help alot. florence nightingale has really a great mind because without her contribution and all the things she've done,probably there are so many soldiers died, and other people also, so im so thankful to her bcause she is also the reason why nurses are existed.

maria aliza dianne said...

good evening maám dani..

after reading the journal, i realized the sacrifices that Nightingale did was very amazing. she went to England w/o hesitations, her main aim is to help and cure the sick, not only the wounded soldiers but also those people that has been affected by the war. she is very dedicated on her chosen profession to the point that she checked their status time after time using her lamp. her concept gives me a great impact towards my knowledge in nursing.

it gave me lots of ideas on how to be a useful and effective nurse in the future.

-dianne lopez

jeanette paddayuman said...

Good day ma'am,
At first all I know about FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE is that she is only the 'LADY WITH THE LAMP'. I don't know before what story she has or why she even was called the 'LADY WITH THE LAMP' until I entered in the world of nursing. Now, I am one of her million fans. I really admire her on how she manage her life and on how she dedicate it for her profession. She really is a HEROINE. She's one in a million. And her theory helps me a lot in my everyday living.
Thank you ma'am for posting an article like this about her life and for giving us the opportunity to learn more and to know her more.


rannelle cadapan said...

Hi Ma'am, Good evening!

After reading the journal about Florence Nightingale, I learned Different things. I idolized her very much because she did not only cared for the British People but also for the poor and for those people who were suffering in severe illness. She inspires me alot. For me, she is a true heroine and she deserves to be thet kind of person. Because of her, the Nursing Profession, nowadays, is evolving and improving. Because of NIghtingale, I learned to become responsible, resourceful and good Nursing Student.

..that's why I am very thankful to you, Mrs. Oloresisimo for giving Us the chance to know the different theorists like Florence Nightingale..

..thank you!

kevin grande said...

Florence Nightingale became one of my inspirations that inspired me to continue the nursing profession. She gave us inspiring messages that make us believe that this profession was an honorable profession. She also called "The Lady with the Lamp" that symbolizes hope and light of all the wounded and sicked people. She is also a woman that never surrender, never forget, and will be known for her outstanding and inspiring deeds in the human life.

Thank You ma'am for sharng with us the great and INSPIRING story of an outstanding woman and became one of the most legendary person in the world,.. FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE. Thank you ma'am..

tina mariz marco said...

A very inspirational theorist ever..regarded as the "Lady with the lamp."

In the life of Florence Nightingale, she did'nt mind if she came from a
Victorian-Aristocratic family, she still continue her passion in caring.And also she did'nt mind what benefits will she recieve after she gave an aid to the person who needs her care.

...according to her "an action to the benefit of other is called "God's Calling".
She served other people wholeheartedly.

although her theory was not focus on Nurse-Patient-interaction, still she had a lot of contributions that now a days we are using.

Florence Nightingale is my rank number one theorist. She's my inspiration on my studies.

thank you for this article Ms. Danela. :)

Tina Mariz O. Marco

Jo Anne Marie Castillo said...

"the lady with the lamp"

behind the face of a woman named florence nightingale is a very brave and have a good heart lady. though she was included in the aristocratic victorian family, she chose to be a normal person who helps and gives service to those soldiers who are wounded without anything in return. though a lot of people criticizes her the way she lives her life, she has a great determination to follow the calling of god. she didn't lose hope despite of all her struggles.

seeing a lot of soldiers who are about to die is hard to accept and see. but because of florence nightingale's wide knowledge and vocabulary she finds way on how to diminish the dying soldiers. she then implemented the what so called-environmental theory which involves proper sanitation, proper disposal, ventilation, 4 oclock habit and etc, she reach her goal to lessen the victims of dirty environment.

without her, nurses of today are nothing. without her, no nursing profession and there will be no environmental theory. we should salute her for a very job well done.her life and experiences during the crimean war is so amazing!

Mam Dani, thanks!

Jo Anne Marie Castillo

jonnah_bsn 1-G said...

after i have read Florence Nightingales article i felt very amazed to her because what she did in the Crimean War in Scutari was amazing. Imagine how she handle and manage the horrible situations of the soldiers in the military hospital. She makes their life worth more and even for the family of the patient who's dead or dying. She sends them letter that explain the circumstances and assures a natural death as homelike surrounding as possible.
For me, this article show and describes clearly the legacy of Florence Nightingale. There is no doubt of her works in the Crimean War.
Thanks mam for giving us the opportunity to know her better.


Rhea Denise M. Rondolo said...

I’m so proud to her for being her courageous because she cannot become weak when the times she was the only one who took care and helping those wounded soldiers during the Crimean War together with her lamp. She’s a hero. She use and apply her Environmental Theory when she help to those who wounded soldiers. I want to become like her someday, not because to become familiar too many people but also to become part me of life for each patient.
Ma’am thank you po because of his life that I can watched I learned on how to help many people without in return, Because Iremember my parents said that it'sbetter to give than to receive so I cn use this until I die. God Bless po

raphael saludares said...

good evening mam!
through my journal reading, I notice that purpose of Florence Nightingale in going to Scutari is to explore her knowledge in her profession to everybody not only to help and care the wounded soldier.She use and apply her Environmental Theory in helping and caring the wounded soldier. I am inspired because of what she have done. She's a perfect Lady with a Lamp and The Mother of Nursing.
Thank you mam!

Raphael Saludares

chenyl said...
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chenyl said...

Upon reading the article, I have learned the important key role played by Florence Nightingale during Crimean War. She has greatly contributed in today’s modern Nursing Field for her work during the war is proven to be influential. Her continued impact today absolutely deserves a lasting place in the pantheon of medical pioneers for giving this field a legacy that nurses and the future one's should always remember.

Thank You Ma'am Oloresisimo for sharing your knowledge and expertise

Laurice A. Zaide said...

I was been amazed and inspired..,!the dominant figure in the development of organized nursing is florence nightingale.At the time she made her mark in history ,society had changed to the point that hospitals seemed amenable to a new profession...what a great woman whom having a powerful personality,her vision,her practical organizing ability,she took the lead in the movement,placed it on a powerful foundation of organization based on sound educational principles and high ethics,and inspired it with enthusiasm that gave to it an impetus under which it is still progressing nursing and about her environmemtal theory which gave a significance to a nursing profession...

Thanks to ms.Nightingale that a nursing a status which was formerly unthinkable continuing leading a profession as of now..

Mam Danela i really appreciate your entire ideas and thoughts you've shared..,hope for more journals and revitalizing chikas as well..thank you very much mam oloresisimo..,

prances said...

I admire nightingale as an aristocrat and victorian woman because she chose to serve the poor and needy rather than to mingle in the limelight. she was very gifted that she chose to be a nurse by profession.

soldiers from crimean war must thank her not for curing their wounds but in developing their surrounding. as one soldier said "What a comfort it was to see her pass even. She would speak to one, and nod and smile to many more; but she could not do it all you know. We lay there by hundreds; but we could kiss her shadow as it fell and lay our heads on the pillow again content”.
what a nice saying to ponder on because she still manages to smile even if there are hundreds of soldiers waiting for her to be cured. she really is a courageous and caring woman of her time.

prances c. estrellado

kasto_piopongco said...

The theory of Florence truly proves a lot for many critics. The manipulation of one's environment to attain physical stability truly a wondrous theory, due to the fact that the environment before then was so erroneous. Nightingale was a very ambitious woman for a Victorian, she was very intelligent, no wonder this type of theory could be formulated in her. Anyway the theory of Environment presents a major factor for hospitals today, can they keep the principles of Nightingale's theory alive?.. Even though times are changing we can still implement her ideas.

Kasto Piopongco

john robin calimutan said...

a good day to you mam!!

Florence Nigthangle's what a have read florence is a very dedicated nurse thought her experience she has the title "the lady with the lamp" which i rely admire about her...caring for the soldiers in the middle of the night..dispite of her coming from a rich and well known family!!

that's all thank you!!
have a nice day!!

coming from john robin v. calimutan
of bsn 1c

angelicagaytano said...

Good afternoon mam!
after reading all the articles about the life of Florence nightingale i'm proud to say that she has a good heart even though others criticizes her because she's aloof with her patients i know that deep inside her heart she cares and love her patients. maybe she' not that showy because she's still aristocratic and Victorian. and i still admire her.

ma. angelica v. gaytano

cunanan,christianart said...

For me, being a nurse in a war is very hard, a brave person can only do what Nightingale's did.I really admire her of being helpful even if she is in the zone of danger.being a nurse for the wounded soldiers is very stressful but she still continue what her belief is, and that is the spirit..

She is a true heroine not only for the wounded soldiers but also to all the nursing students. She serve as my inspiration because I believe that the war that i encounter in the near future our now on my way, and because of her i am now ready..

thanks ma'am for another great article that really makes the nursing students responsible for their studies. another great job.. More Power...

Cunanan,Christian Art

Princess Anne B. Evangelista said...

As I had read this journal I realized that Florence Nightingale is really a horeoine to British for taking care the soldiers during Crimean War. She discovered that the reason why the soldiers are dying is not because of the wounds caused by the bullets and other fire arms but because of the diseases caused by the dirty environment. So she decided to clean the environment of the patient, the hospital. I admire her because she choose to serve people and be committed to her profession rather than being a housewife of Aristocrat. After the Crimean War she received many awards, she really deserved it. I agreed to her title "The Mother of Modern Nursing" because of her abundant contribution to field of nursing. Nowadays her contribution is still useful and very important to our nursing career. And I know she plays a big part in my life as a nursing student because she really inspires me to be a professional and successful nurse someday.


jason said...

gud pm mam. florence nightingale is definitely the nurse of everything and the one who stand the fields of nursing. her strategies of "not giving up" and caring the patient until he is cured and healthy in a long life is truly a definition of a nurse. she is definitely the lady with the lamp of many professions.

jason salvador a. dellova
bsn IH

Katrina Camille Urcia said...

After reading the journal, I realized the importance of FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE'S THEORY. If she didn't develop it I think there were many soldiers died at that time but thanks to Nightingale for saving those soldiers. I admire her so much for her being kind and intelligent. It is not necessary for the victorian especially for the aristocratic to serve others. But because of her loving heart for others, she dedicated her life in serving other people. For me, she deserves to be called the "Matriach of Modern Nursing"

zarah jane a. gaanan said...

A pleasant day to you mam...

After I read this article, we can say that Florence Nightingale is one of the nursing theorist who gives inspiration to us because she made many contribution for us to use in our daily lives. And it's because she show her kindness, patient, bravery and many positive traits that a nurse must have.

Thank you so much mam for posting this article because it helps me a lot of things.

God Bless po...

Mary Patriz said...

i was amaze to florence nightingale because she was co brave and intelligent. i am proud that i knew her. she was so responsible that ahe did her duty.she was very caring to others. she was the inspiration of some nurses.

she provide a very importyant contribution noy only in nursing but in our life.

thanks for having the opportunity to knew her.

theresa jane said...

FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE was really a remarkable heroine in her time, she really shows great dedication to the needy, she brings satisfaction to those unsatisfied, brings happiness to those sad and lonely.I really admired her because of her concern to those suffering illness.She really serves a model in those nursing students like us.
Theresa Jane Cuevas

arvin said...

good afternoon ma'am!! Florence Nightingale, the matriarch of modern nursing.I admire her for being brave and for having a great passion in nursing profession.She's been a very big inspiration to the nursing students.She pursue her nursing profession even it's against all odds.Florence contribute a lot in the field of medicine and also in the nursing history.She's been my inspiration in my study right now.Her environmental theory helps the people because she stated there that having a good ventilation,proper disposal,sanitation and water treatments will help the patients to recover from their illness.

Irmajoyce said...

Florence Nightingale is a very good model for each of us. She is really a heroine not only to the British soldier she cared for during the Crimean war but also to the all living things because of her environmental theory. Her knowledge in statistics really helps for all of her job. And even though many years have passed you can feel her in the hospitals design and management and also to the care of the patient even at night. She is really genius and amazing.
Narvaja, Irmajoyce V.

kim soliel lim said...

This article states about the contributions of Florence nightingale to nursing practice.Florence Nightingale becomes a heroine for the soldiers of the crimean war. her concepts are really applicable in the wellness of the her time, malaria is a really harmful disease and canot cure this disease fast unlike now. But by her concepts she prevent er patients from this case.She is the first,who conceptualizes night rounds and that's wy she was called the lady with the lamp. She provided care for the patient and gave her full service to them. She really want's to achive the wellness of her patient, so she does'nt want to make them feel depress of be worried about te war. She also had a concept that pets can also treat her patints and make them happy even though they are in thier illness situation.
Florence Nightingale is reallty a courageous woman and not all of the women are like her. She really fascinates the nursing profession and she is ideal for every one of us.All of the students in nursing profession must not forget her contribution because it is really applicable in our daily living.
We must provide care and serve the people who need us. We must also be as organize as she is. Florence Nightingale has contribute a good exemple and model to all of us.

thank you ma'am oloresisimo..
kim soliel r. lim


peterlorena said...

I can say that she is the inspiration of all students who want to become a nurse. Nightangale is brave woman and she never stop serving the wounded soldiers until her lifetime.

She will be always a model for nursing students and no one can replace her as a Matriarch of Nursing Model.

Lorena, Peter John D.

aireen said...

after reading this article, i was really inspired what Nightingale have done during Crimean war. at first she thought that the cause of the death of the soldiers is the bullets or the wounds that they get from the war but as she observe it she came up with the idea that the environment is the reason why many soldiers died. she then make a way to save more lives of the soldiers.. she at least make the surroundings clean even the beddings of the patients.. as she was taking care of them her nightly rounds make her the title of "the Lady with the lamp".. many soldiers was amazed by her great knowledge of how she took good care of the patient who needed some care.

aireen calimutan

Mary Grace said...

Nightingale is a legendary hero. As I read her journal, my admiration for her grows. She's a unique and a magnificent individual. Despite of being an aristocrat and a woman, she has the heart of a soldier. She chose to face the challenges and trials just to give strength and comfort for the wounded soldies during Crimean War.

Because of her theory, wounded soldiers from Crimean War was cured and death rate decreases. Her theory is more effective than medicines that time. And so, people from that time learned how important the environment is,in their everyday living.

Nightingale must be consider not only as a care giver, but also a great great hero of all times.

Mary Grace L. Escritor

cyruz bautista said...

This article shows how " The Lady with the Lamp" helped the wounded soldiers in the Crimean War,how she manipulate those existing factors that affects individual condition.She proved that she's right in choosing this profession.

I can say that Nightingale has a strong advocacy in doing what is right.She use her knowledge and skills in protecting those soldiers to prolonged their life and to have a good environment despite for the situation in the war.

Nightingale is an intelligent woman who can apply her learning in any situation.

Cyruz C. Bautista

gretchen g. villanueva said...
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gretchen g. villanueva said...

florence nightingale's theory was totally tested in crimean war because she found out that the environment of the wounded soldiers greatly influenced their recovery.i really admire her because of her bravery.even though she was an aristocratic-victorian women,still she did her best to help the wounded soldiers.she follows her calling from God to serve other people. she really deserves to be the lady with lamp because she's the one who gives hope and give life for the soldiers who are losing their hope in that time.she enlightened the career path of those who dream to be a professional nurse for their profession be a weapon to help and serve people especially those people who really needs the care of the nurses. and i believe that florence nightingale can ever be replaced as the matriarch of modern nursing.

Gretchen G. Villanueva

kathlealicas_bsn-1b said...

Florence Nightingale was a brave lady. That was the very first thing that came from my mind when i heard her name. The way she act? that was not an action of ordinary lady. In the Crimean War, she showed us her bravery that even though our nature is very playful that every events in our lives is an accident, it wasn't an excuse for us to show our care to other people. She served people even though she didn't know them. And I salute her for that.

kathlea licas

Katherine Visagar said...

This british nurse really helped me to understand the legacy of being a nurse. I can definitely say that I chose the right course. I admire her efforts for making our future profession a respected one. At first I also thought of nursing as a menial chore. Good thing our teacher introduced her to us. This gave me a strong conviction to continue pursuing this course.

Thank you for your unceasing desire for all of us to be the best we can be...☺

katherine visagar
bsn I-H

krystell.brillon said...

The best thing that I admire Florence a lot is her contribution during the Crimean War. Truly that she was a brave and caring person, at even though she was a wealthy person and came from a family of rich people in their community,she show her great love, care and responsiblity on taking care of those wounded soldiers during the Crimen War.

She was a great heroine in their times and also in the present.She is truly worth for being "The Lady with a Lamp".

I will always remember her works and her being courageous in all the obstacle that she encountered and she finally do it well!..She is a truly great heroine of nursing.!

Ma.Krystell N. Brillon

jinkyrey said...

Florence Nightinagle shows her braveness when she requested by her friend to help the wounded soldiers of crimean war to cure them.I amaze her for being devoted nurse.Because of her, I realize that being a nurse should serve without limitations. Her good deeds is very inspiring.

jinky m. rey

Richmark Catarroja said...

I treat Florence Nightingale is the mother of nursing because of her brave and determination because she's a girl but brave that's why i idolize florence nightingale

karl phillip said...

Florence’s procedures to care for the soldiers of the Crimean War were very stimulating as a student of Nursing. Before entering the portals of this profession, I have never cared for those people that are suffering. I don’t mind if they die or endure their burden because I’m not the one who’s struggling to get through it. But Florence’s zeal for nursing the unwell has carved on me an affection for those experiencing agonizing pain. We all know the difficulty of caring for a person you don’t even know or didn’t descend from the same blood line you’ve descended from, but through Nightingale’s concern for the soldiers’ health of the Crimean War, I’ve learned to accept someone I have to care for even if we have met on the day he had been under my care. Thank you Mrs. Oloresisimo for the insight I had in Nightingale’s story.

Karl avillo
Bsn 1e

rochelle said...

Florence is one of the person who give insperation to our nursing education and profession because according to her that better practice could result only from better educatin. She believed that the measurement of the art of nursing could not be accomplish through licensing examination....
=Nightingale believed that the environment was the major component creating illness in a patient but she recognized not only tje dangers of the environment, she also higlighted tje benefit of good environments in preventing illness. The nurses roles include the managment of the environment in a number of ways to improve patients recovery.....
BSN1C rochelle capillo

Raniere Rañeses said...
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Raniere Rañeses said...

She really is a great heroine..Because she is a brave woman who really cares for that people..

She's also rich, even if she know that she can just stay at home, she continued her care for the patients..I really admire her characteristics..

I can also say that she a very caring and a hard working woman..because Even at night with her lamp, she continued examining her patients to see their condition..

rhobieanndivino said...

gud afternoon mam,,,,
i was inspired by nightingale because even though she is rich she chose to serve poor people... she chose to care of a thousand soldiers. i wish i could be like her.. i want to serve other people...

Angela Loui said...
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Angela Loui said...

It is indeed a heroic act for an elite woman to give her self in line of pure service for the men of war who are in severe sickness. She did pursue her devotion or calling even if it means she will sacrifice her own health and security. Moreover, her contribution during the Crimean War made difference due to the fact that other medical concerned people focuses only on the wounds caused by war. Her knowledge and own actions made progress not only n healing victims cause by chaos but as well as today.


kristinemramos said...

wow!Florence Nightingale was really raelly amazing! Her bravery during the Crimean war was very amazing..the way she helps her patients to get well by applying her environmental theory. I admire her of being such a great woman..eventhough she is a well-known person, an aristocratic-victorian woman..she still chose to serve the people in need. Someday, i want to be like her..i want to serve people who really,really nedd a nurse like her at times of war..thanks to Florence Nightingale that gives me an inspiration and for you ma'am Dani for letting us met such a great person known as Florence Nightingale.

kristine ramos

sheenearenb.capili said...

What Nightingale did was really very amazing! As a Victorian women, she is not expected to have done such service to the British soldiers. Her strong dedication to God,personal concern for the people and intelligence I think pushed her to serve remarkably.

I wonder why others still questions the excellence she had shown, we owe her a lot! If not because of her, ideas regarding the environment that greatly affects a person wouldn't have been developed. Education & practice in nursing wouldn't have improved a lot without her. These are only proofs that we must honor her.

Personally, I really wouldn't forget Nightingale! She became one of the reasons that motivated me to stay in this porofession. Her works inspired me a lot!:)

kaychie said...

Florence Nightingale established the foundations of modern nursing with her treatment of the sick and injured during the Crimean War.
Her bravery was depicted during the war, for volunteering her services.
She observed that the military hospitals lacked supplies, the wounded soldiers were unwashed and filthy, and diseases were rampant. Under her supervision, efficient nursing departments were established in the barracks during the Crimean War. Through her tireless efforts the death rate among the sick and the wounded was greatly reduced.
Nightingale became a heroine and was called the Lady with the Lamp and the Angel of the Crimea.
her contributions to the evolution of nursing as a profession were invaluable,

kay chie cendana

Jennylou V. Jardiniano said...

Mr. Sidney Herbert was just right to choose Florence Nightingale to lead a team of nurses to Crimea. Florence Nightingale becomes the savior of the British soldiers during the Crimean War because she was the one who lessens the mortality rates of soldiers through the help of her idea in sanitation.

For me, she served as “existing hope” of the dying soldiers suffering from different diseases and infections which was caused by poor environment which she improved during the war. That’s why Florence Nightingale became such an inspiration of those soldiers during the war, and one of the soldiers even wrote a ballad about her, talking about her great care and hard-working service she had given to the soldiers. No one can deny her great influence up to now.

Jennylou Jardiniano

inna said...

Florence Nightingale was really dedicated to her job. She served the soldiers in the Crimean War whole-heartedly. She’s an aristocrat. She actually may stay safe with her family during the war. But because of her will and good heart, she chose to be with the dying soldiers to serve and give aid to them. She chose to care and cure for persons whom she didn’t even know. And that’s the essence of being a nurse; taking good care of a person even you don’t know them.

A very brave woman she is. It’s very dangerous to be in a war. But thinking of saving others’ lives is what she minded and focused on. Applying her theory lessen the number of dying soldiers. And her night round helped a lot too. That’s why she was called “The Lady with the Lamp”. At first, I felt curious on why she was called like that. It’s only when I had watched the compilations of her video clips that you shared us mam that I had found out why. Nightingale in the Crimean war had saved many lives.

Karissa Inna S. Zagala

Matthew Villon said...

The jounal reading tackles about the life of this British heroine. Her contribution to the Crimean War was really remarkable for a woman. Eventhough she comes from a aistocrat-Victorian family for she has nothing to prove. Yet she cared for the wounded soldiers without anything in return. Trully she is a HEROINE of her time. And the Martriach of Modern Nursing.

-VILLON, Matthew Victor L.

honie jhoie flores said...

Florence nightingale was very inspiring during the Crimean war. She became the nurse of the wounded soldiers. She formulated her theory because she realized that the soldiers were dying not because of canons but it’s because of some preventable illnesses. Even though there was no interpersonal relationship between the soldiers and nightingale, she did everything to help and prevent the condition of wounded soldiers.

Honie Jhoie C. Flores

alyssa mara said...

hello to all of you!!! base on the article,during the crimean war,many british soldiers are dying not because they fight in the battle but because of fleas,flies,lice and unhealthy environment.

As Florence Nightingale recieved an invitation request by Sydney Herbert.Her time was spent more in Scutari,Turkey.She brought her skills as a nurse by keeping soldier well fed, comportable, and all clean as nursing is a solution not only the medicine they gave.She spent her time and own financial support for the sanitation of the ward of Barrack's Hospital.She is liked a mother with full of caring to her children or soldiers which the soldier admire.

She's really amazing because although she is an aristocratic Victorian, she serve as a nurse in a dangerous place!!! ;')

Deveza,Alyssa Mara S.


Florence Nightingale was a hero to those British soldiers or to those who she cared during the war.The remains of British congress who lead Britain into that useless disagreement but left its troops weakly supported and unnecessarily defenseless to disease. Medical men during her time and historians have given how important nightingale is.

kasto_piopongco said...

Florence's work on the hospitals during the Crimean war clearly suggests her ability to manage and upgrade the standards of the said establishment. She demonstrated her dedication and her love for the service of the men involve in the war and for their families as well. Her companions did not complain anything during her management. Truly she is a dedicated and uplifting leader.

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